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Kanter: 'After I leave the court, the fight begins'

Enes Kanter is a devout Muslim observing Ramadan, a center attempting to prevent a three-peat -- and a political activist who sleeps with a panic button next to his bed.

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Woj: Magic's comments demonstrate his own failings as a leader


Pat Riley on Magic: 'He's going to speak his mind'

From Johnson's sudden resignation to his appearance on First Take, Riley is unfazed by what's going on in Los Angeles.

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Rob Pelinka says he is saddened and disheartened by Magic's comments


PGA Championship

Just how good is Brooks Koepka, and just how much should we worry about Tiger?

Can Brooks Koepka get to double-digit majors? Should we worry about Tiger, or was last week simply a blip? We ask our experts the big questions.

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