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NL still a toss-up

NL playoff races continue to tighten

Dial 'D' for final-week drama, because the NL Central, West and wild-card races could go to any of the five teams chasing four playoff spots.

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Yelich has six-RBI day against Cardinals

Christian Yelich unloads the bases with a triple and later connects on a three-run homer to help the Brewers defeat the Cardinals.


Escobar wins it for Diamondbacks with walk-off homer against Dodgers

Eduardo Escobar belts a solo home run to right field in the bottom of the ninth to give Arizona the 4-3 win against Los Angeles.


Hunt for October


Lessons from NFL Week 3: The one division everyone should watch

Could this be the most hotly contested division in football? Plus: Trading Earl Thomas; Sherman's costly injury.

Best and worst QBs of Week 3: Tale of two Clevelands

In a changing of the guard, the Browns supplied the top quarterback -- and the worst -- in Week 3.

College Football

The Eliminator: Who is already out of the playoff race?

Texas helped knock USC out of the playoff race, but the Trojans aren't alone among big-name programs, with Florida State, Nebraska and TCU joining them.

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Eliminated? How FSU and other big-name programs will rebuild

Here's how five high-profile teams knocked out by the Eliminator are doing on the recruiting trail.

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On This Date: Sept. 26, 1981

  • EPA/Tracey Nearmy
  • Happy birthday, Serena Williams

    As the tennis star -- and new mom! -- turns 36, we revisit her interview with The Undefeated, in which she explores race and identity.

Why people can't stop watching Ninja

  • Photo by Benedict Evans, treatment by Richard Roberts
  • Living The Stream

    How did Ninja become gaming's first crossover star? The "Fortnite" legend is relentless about one thing: He's always on.