Directed by Bryan Storkel

Dick Weber was the matinee idol of bowling, the guy who made the sport appointment watching on TV. But times changed and people started to move on until a rebel took to the lanes to claim the new throne: Dick's son Pete. Watch Video

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The Bad Boy of Bowling

Film Summary

In the most notorious moment of his storied career, Pete Weber screamed, "Who do you think you are? I am." "The Bad Boy of Bowling," directed by Bryan Storkel, explores the meaning of that schizophrenic shout, uttered for a national television audience right after he won an unprecedented fifth U.S. Open title. He's the one-time wunderkind son of Dick Weber, the matinee idol of bowling in its heyday. He's the mullet-wearing PDW who gave much-needed energy to a dying sport with his "crotch shots." He's a wise guy who has wised up-at least a little. In this entertaining but piercing roll down memory lane, viewers will discover just who Pete Weber really is.

What's Everyone Saying?

Bryan Storkel

Bryan Storkel loves telling true and unusual stories. His first feature documentary, "Holy Rollers," was released by Warner Bros and featured on "The Colbert Report" and "This American Life." His follow-up, "Fight Church" was picked up by Lionsgate/Netflix and is currently being developed into a series with Morgan Spurlock. In addition to directing, Storkel has also edited numerous docs including "The Internet's Own Boy," which was short-listed for the 2015 Academy Awards and the PBS Olympics film, "Ice Warriors." He has also produced several films, including the 2015 PBS Independent Lens film, "Little Hope Was Arson." Although "The Bad Boy of Bowling" is his first ESPN 30 for 30 Short, Storkel is no stranger to the sports world. This year, he directed an episode of Peter Berg's "State of Play" for HBO and also edited the HBO Special, "Ferrell Takes the Field." Storkel recently directed "The Dean Scream," the first in a political series for ESPN Films and Five Thirty Eight.


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