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The Yankees were leading the Red Sox in the ALCS 3-0, a deficit no team had overcome. The Red Sox defied the inevitable. Clip »

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About Four Days in October

Film Summary

When the night of Oct. 16, 2004 came to a merciful end, the Curse of the Bambino was alive and well. The vaunted Yankee lineup, led by Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Gary Sheffield, had just extended their ALCS lead to three games to none, pounding out 19 runs against their hated rivals. The next night, in Game 4, the Yankees took a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the ninth inning, then turned the game over to Mariano Rivera, the best relief pitcher in postseason history, to secure yet another trip to the World Series. But after a walk and a hard-fought stolen base, the cold October winds of change began to blow. Over four consecutive days and nights, this unlikely group of Red Sox miraculously won four straight games to overcome the inevitability of their destiny. Using extensive archive coverage from that week, Major League Baseball Productions will produce a film in "real-time" that takes an in-depth look at the 96 hours that brought salvation to Red Sox Nation and made baseball history in the process.

Director's Take

Our mission with "Four Days In October" was to capture the symbolic essence of the Boston Red Sox unprecedented 2004 ALCS comeback victory vs. their arch- rivals, the New York Yankees.

Our focus with this film was to take fans back in time and place them in the bubble that was Oct. 17-Oct. 20 in an effort to capture the day-by-day transformation of an entire franchise and its hardcore fan base known as "Red Sox Nation."

In the midst of a maelstrom that included Big Papi, bloody socks and a band of self- proclaimed "Idiots," these "Four Days In October" wiped away 86 years of curses, frustration and near-misses -- and it was done in a way that not even Hollywood would have been able to script.

Their miraculous achievement will always serve as the benchmark for future sports teams that find themselves in a similar predicament in postseason play. Any team down three-games-to-none can now always utter the words that became the Red Sox rallying cry, "Why Not Us?"

What's Everyone Saying?

Directed by Major League Baseball Productions

Major League Baseball Productions is the award-winning television and video production division of Major League Baseball.

With unparalleled access to the game and its players, Major League Baseball Productions produces original programming for growing audiences worldwide through its network specials, exclusive DVDs, commercials and other specialty programming. Major League Baseball Productions is also the producer of the longest running sports anthology series in American television broadcast history, "This Week in Baseball."

The Major League Baseball Productions Library currently houses more than 100,000 hours of material. Our earliest footage dates back 100 years, as we get to see Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Mathewson pitch for his NY Giants, wearing "World Champions" stitched on the front of his jersey. We also see Mathewson joined by his teammates as they take part in a procession of automobiles driving across the playing field, to ultimately raise a championship banner. In addition to this gem, these 80,000 volumes encompass 90 World Series, 40 All-Star Games, 57 No-Hitters, 13 members of the 500Home Run Club hitting their 500th Home Run, Henry Aaron's record breaking 715th Home Run, as well as historic moments like Lou Gehrig's farewell speech, footage of Babe Ruth during his famous called shot at-bat, Carl Hubbell striking out 5 future Hall of Famers in the 1934 All-Star Game, and Branch Rickey talking about making Jackie Robinson the first African American to play in the Major Leagues in the modern era. In a more modern approach, we have accumulated unparalleled hours of inside access with some of the biggest players in the game today, like Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, and Joe Mauer.

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Directed by:

Gary Waksman

Executive Producers:

MLB Productions
David Check
David Gavant
Keith Clinkscales
John Dahl
Joan Lynch
Connor Schell
Bill Simmons
John Skipper
John Walsh


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