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The Eliminator: Who is already out of the playoff race?

Texas helped knock USC out of the playoff race, but the Trojans aren't alone among big-name programs, with Florida State, Nebraska and TCU joining them.

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Eliminated? How FSU and other big-name programs will rebuild

Here's how five high-profile teams knocked out by the Eliminator are doing on the recruiting trail.

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Lessons from NFL Week 3: The one division everyone should watch

Could this be the most hotly contested division in football? Plus: Trading Earl Thomas; Sherman's costly injury.

Best and worst QBs of Week 3: Tale of two Clevelands

In a changing of the guard, the Browns supplied the top quarterback -- and the worst -- in Week 3.

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Fantasy football Week 4 rankings

Fantasy football rankings from Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Mike Clay, Eric Karabell, Stephania Bell and Tristan H. Cockcroft for Week 4.

Fantasy intel for all 32 NFL teams ahead of Week 4

From Deshaun Watson's upside to the 49ers without Jimmy Garoppolo, Mike Clay has the info you need to make fantasy football decisions in Week 4.

Mayfield a must-add in Week 4?




A guide to New England's 'Oh no!' starts, and is this one different?

The Patriots have had rough starts before, and they usually right the ship quickly and decisively -- but can they do it again after Sunday's debacle?

Insiders debate upside-down AFC East: Pats in trouble? Fins for real?

With the struggling Patriots preparing to host the 3-0 Dolphins, it's time to ask if the AFC East balance of power might be shifting.

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Why people can't stop watching Ninja

  • Photo by Benedict Evans, treatment by Richard Roberts
  • Living The Stream

    How did Ninja become gaming's first crossover star? The "Fortnite" legend is relentless about one thing: He's always on.