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KD's Ready to 'Move On'


Durant: 'What happened, happened'


Durant wants to keep Green incident 'in-house'

Kevin Durant offered short answers while discussing his issues with Draymond Green following Tuesday's win over the Hawks.

College Football

The Eliminator: The 10 teams that can win it all

With two weeks left in the regular season, we're down to 10 teams with a chance to win the College Football Playoff -- thanks to an LSU chaos theory.

What the CFP and New Year's Six would look like if they were played today

The entire top 10 stayed put in this week's CFP committee rankings, but UCF did move up one spot to No. 11 and was joined by three more Group of 5 teams.

Herbie: It would be 'Armageddon' if Alabama loses to Georgia

Kirk Herbstreit thinks if Alabama loses to Georgia in the SEC championship game, it would cause a headache for the committee.


Le'Veon Bell


Execs predict Le'Veon's 2019 team and cash he'll get on market

The All-Pro RB was not bluffing, as he'll sit out the 2018 season. What will the Steelers do next? Who will want to sign him next offseason?

Tuesday's Flight Crew

Men's College Hoops

LSU's Mays electrifies crowd with crazy dunk, circus layup


Georgetown's McClung glides through the air for reverse layup


Stringer Gets 1,000

Rutgers 73, Central Conn. 44

With 1,000th victory, Stringer joins elite group of coaches

Rutgers' C. Vivian Stringer became the sixth women's coach to win 1,000 games. And she shows no signs of stepping away from her life's work.

What C. Vivian Stringer means to me

Letters from Dawn Staley and Carolyn Peck, the only black coaches to win NCAA Division I women's basketball titles

A legendary pickup game

Inside the secret Hollywood pickup game that shaped a generation of comedy

The oral history of how Garry Shandling's hush-hush Sunday hoops game shaped a generation of comedy.

Courtesy Suli McCullough

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