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What makes the Rams' offense special? The Greatest Show on Turf explains

The 1999 Rams demolished the league with their high-powered offense and won a Super Bowl. The current Rams are poised to beat their records. Illustration

Peyton Manning breaks down Patrick Mahomes

Manning talks about Mahomes' performance during the Chiefs' win over the Broncos in Week 8.

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New series: More than an athlete

LeBron James recounts road to greatness


LeBron and his friends are telling their story for the first time

A new series on ESPN+ documents the journey of LeBron and his business partners.

College Football

The Belichick-approved defensive mind of Michigan's Don Brown

"There's no better coach I've ever been around," Jim Harbaugh says of Brown, a New Englander whom he found thanks to a tip from the Patriots coach.

Lon Horwedel/Icon Sportswire)

How Bama's Jonah Williams became college football's best cook

As his team feasts on opponents and his NFL prospects sizzle, the Crimson Tide lineman has all the makings of college football's top tackle -- and top amateur chef.


Barnwell: The injuries turning the NFL playoff race upside down

Alex Smith is out for the season, and Washington's NFC East lead could soon vanish. These are the biggest injuries that changed the NFL landscape.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Week 11 overreactions: Is Andrew Luck really this good ... again?

Is the Colts QB a legit MVP candidate? Has Joe Flacco taken his last snap with the Ravens? We take on the biggest questions.

MLB offseason

Bryce, Manny, Corbin and more: Laying out a Yankees winter spending spree

The Bronx hasn't been home to a World Series champion for almost an entire decade. We offer up five offseason moves that would fix that.

Which teams should shift gears and become buyers or sellers?

The Diamondbacks are among clubs who might want to shake things up by shopping stars like Paul Goldschmidt.

Men's College Hoops

Early Monday action

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Famous college football prank

  • Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • The day MIT won the Harvard-Yale game

    In 1982, during the middle of The Game between rivals Harvard and Yale, a third player entered the game when MIT students pulled the greatest prank in college football history.