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BCS Fan Letters
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The BCS has gone 3-for-3 in matching the two most deserving teams at the end of the season. Please do not factor in head-to-head matchups. This should be taken into consideration by the voters of the AP and Coaches poll. Any such tweaking would throw more confusion into the formula.
--Steve Campbell

BCS was right. While I am not a huge fan of the Sooners I found myself jumping for joy when they won and proved to the nation that the BCS knows what it is doing. The Sooners have been doing it all year with their defense and boy did they shine.
--Mike Hale
Moore, Okla.

I am fairly content with the BCS ranking system. If it is felt that the there is some tragic error in the BCS calculations, we can always fall-back on the AP and coaches polls. It will be very hard to justify playing several addition playoff games in December and January anyway. After all, these are STUDENT athletes. Save the playoffs for the pros.
--Mark H. Palmer

Butch Davis commented during the Orange Bowl that Miami was more worthy of a No. 1 ranking than Washington because, "The Pac-10 isn't as strong as it once was." What rock has Butch been sleeping under all season? Three of the top seven teams in the country (based on the AP poll) were from the Pac-10. Being polite and cordial, neither John Saunders nor Terry Bowden brought this up.
--Jon Sorensen

I think the announcers and producers of the Orange Bowl missed a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate what education means to football being secondary in life. All the announcers seemed to hit on was "poor FSU and Minnis" for his being unable to play. Not once did I hear "Kids, you better keep your grades up or you're going to miss the chance of a lifetime."

His face should not have been shown continually during the game, touching on the fact that the Seminoles were in trouble because the young man couldn't play that night.
--Robert Holmes

As an educator who stresses the importance of academics to her student athletes, I was appalled at all of the attention given to Snoop Minnis of FSU during the game. The apparent message to student athletes was that even if you are not allowed to participate, you will still be a hero in America. There are many student athletes that excel both on and off the field -- give them the credit.
--Lesli Costner
Allen, Okla.

I am a Virginia Tech fan. The Bowl results are in and it is quite obvious that Notre Dame did not deserve a BCS Bowl Bid. The real loser in this deal is the BCS. Why have rankings if you pick lower ranked teams regardless. If you decide to use different guidelines, change your requirements to justify your picks.
--Steve Kendrick
Wirtz, Va.

I want to know why everyone is so surprised that John Cooper got fired. He's 3-8 in bowl games, 2-10-1 against Michigan. And to end his career with OSU for sure, he loses to an unranked South Carolina team in the Outback Bowl. Granted, the Gamecocks are not only one of, if not the best turn-around teams in NCAA history, but they are also coached by, in my opinion, the best coach in the nation. Still, people should have seen this coming from a mile away.
Louisville, Ohio

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