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Heisman Watch: Heupel and Anderson further their case
By Mike Diegnan

1. Eric Crouch, Nebraska QB
at Iowa State: 7-17-164, 1 int.; rush: 19-138, 1 TD
Season: 39-78-666, 8 TD, 4 int.; rush: 79-478, 8 TD
This week: at Texas Tech
Comment: Crouch and the 'Huskers struggled against Iowa State for three quarters, but he still leads the No. 1 rushing offense and the No. 1 team.

Woodrow Dantzler
Clemson QB Woodrow Dantzler loses his helmet, but still scores against NC State.
2. Woody Dantzler, Clemson QB
N.C. State: 18-30-220, 2 int.; rush: 25-103, 2 TD
Season: 81-128-1085, 8 TD, 3 int.; rush: 105-732, 10 TD
This week: Maryland
Comment: Clemson didn't struggle, but did face its first challenge. Dantzler again had over 300 yards of total offense. Another effort like that and he could move into the top spot.

3. Michael Vick, Virginia Tech QB
Temple: 14-28-162, 1 TD, 2 int.; rush: 18-55, 1 TD
Season: 55-89-635, 5 TD, 4 int.; rush: 59-484, 7 TD
This week: West Virginia (Thurs.)
Comment: Just like Nebraska, Virginia Tech struggled against a team it shouldn't have. Vick's numbers weren't great either. His test will be Nov. 4 at Miami.

4. LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU RB
Hawaii: 49-294, 4 TD
Season: 168-974, 10 TD
This week: Off
Comment: Another ho-hum day for LT. Tomlinson is now averaging 5.8 yards per carry and 180 yards per game.

Jonathan Beasley
Kansas State QB Jonathan Beasley hopes to attone for last year's miserable effort against Nebraska.
5. Jonathan Beasley, Kansas State QB
at Kansas: 12-18-235, 1 TD; rush: 9-33, 4 TD
Season: 71-114-1359, 10 TD, 2 int.; rush: 57-225, 12 TD
This week: Oklahoma
Comment: What a showdown this Saturday is going to be: Heupel vs. Beasley. Beasley is averaging almost four TDs a game.

6. Drew Brees, Purdue QB
Michigan: 32-44-286, 2 TD, 1 int.; rush: 10-80
Season: 158-253-1930, 12 TD, 3 int.; rush: 47-293, 3 TD; rec: 1-5, 1 TD
This week: at Northwestern
Comment: If Travis Dorsch had hit the game-winner against Penn State, Brees may be sitting at No. 1 or 2 right now.

7. Chris Weinke, Florida St. QB
at Miami: 29-58-496, 3 TD, 2 int.
Season: 127-209-1,974, 15 TD, 5 int.
This week: Duke
Comment: FSU's offense misses Peter Warrick, but Weinke definitely wishes he had Sebastian Janikowski right now.

8. Josh Heupel, Oklahoma QB
Texas: 17-27-275, 1 TD; rush: 7-34
Season: 115-173-1520, 9 TD, 4 int.; rush: 24-61, 4 TD
This week: at Kansas State
Comment: Not even in the Switzer era did the Sooner offense look this good.

9. Damien Anderson, Northwestern RB
Indiana: 36-292, 4 TD
Season: 141-1050, 13 TD
This week: Purdue
Comment: He's averaging 7.4 yards per carry, twice his career average -- this on a team picked by some to finish last in the Big Ten.

10. Anthony Thomas, Mich. RB
at Purdue: 21-120, 1 TD
Season: 146-851, 7 TD
This week: Indiana
Comment: The A-Train is in line for BIG numbers this weekend against Indiana, which tackles as many running backs as Bobby Knight gives etiquette lessons.

David Terrell, Mich. WR
Last week: 7-76, 1 TD
Season: 33-554, 5 TD
This week: Indiana
Comment: Anthony Thomas and Drew Henson are the Wolverines' top candidates.

Rudi Johnson, Auburn RB
at Mississippi State: 18-26, 1 TD
Season: 152-742, 8 TD
This week: at Florida
Comment: Rudi finally met his match.

Michael Bennett, Wisconsin RB
Ohio State: 20-106, 1 TD
Season: 156-940, 6 TD
This week: at Michigan State
Comment: Three Ls in this competition will not buy a ticket to New York.

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 Woodrow Dantzler finds Travis Zachery for the 24-yard touchdown.
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 Michael Vick flies in for the touchdown on this 5-yard run.
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 Michael Vick's first completiton is a 41-yard TD toss to Cullen Hawkins.
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 Oklahoma's Josh Heupel lays it in nicely for Andre Woolfolk.
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 Drew Brees throws 25 yards to Vinny Sutherland for the touchdown.
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