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Heisman Watch: It's all about the seniors
By Mike Diegnan

With five weeks remaining in the season, the Heisman battle has come down to a duel between senior quarterbacks. Purdue's Drew Brees has the Boilermakers two wins away from their first Big Ten championship and a trip to Pasadena. Oklahoma's Josh Heupel is in even better shape. After Saturday's win over Nebraska, Heupel should be the front-runner, having knocked off three straight Top 10 teams. Hanging on in the battle is another senior QB, Chris Weinke.

1. Josh Heupel, Oklahoma QB
Nebraska: 20-34-300, 1 TD, 1 int.; rush: 8-46
Season: 164-244-2194, 12 TD, 5 int.; rush: 41-72, 5 TD
This week: at Baylor
Comment: You can't says it's just the system anymore.

2. Drew Brees, Purdue QB
Ohio State: 39-65-455, 3 TD, 4 int.; rush: 6-4
Season: 240-401-2898, 22 TD, 8 int.; rush: 76-439, 4 TD; rec: 1-5, 1 TD
This week: Off
Comment: Get the man some ice (65 attempts). He's proven he can win the big game. Now has to hope for Heupel to stumble.

3. Chris Weinke, Florida St. QB
at N.C. State: 13-21-184, 1 TD
Season: 193-308-2968, 23 TD, 7 int.; rush: 24-(-82), 1 TD
This week: Clemson
Comment: Weinke's waiting for Brees and Heupel to slip.

4. LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU RB
Rice: 41-200, 2 TD; rec: 1-7
Season: 236-1293, 15 TD; rec: 6-30
This week: at San Jose State
Comment: His numbers are impressive, but it's the Year of the Quarterbacks.

5. Michael Vick, Virginia Tech QB
Pittsburgh: 8-15-80, 1 int.; rush: 10-34
Season: 69-133-1023, 7 TD, 5 int.; rush: 96-584, 8 TD
This week: at Miami
Comment: His ankle will get more attention this week than Al Gore or G. W.

Eric Crouch, Nebraska QB
at Oklahoma: 12-27-133, 1 TD, 1 int.; rush: 24-103, 1 TD
Season: 59-123-908, 10 TD, 6 int.; rush: 120-679, 12 TD
This week: Kansas
Comment: Would love a rematch in the Big XII Championship Game.

Woody Dantzler, Clemson QB
Georgia Tech: 6-9-76, 1 TD; rush: 11-18, 1 TD
Season: 101-163-1415, 10 TD, 4 int.; rush: 141-859, 13 TD
This week: at Florida State
Comment: Needed to go undefeated to have a chance at the statue. Can still earn a trip to New York if he beats Florida State.

Anthony Thomas, Mich. RB
Last week: Off
Season: 186-1121, 12 TD; rec: 9-88
This week: at Northwestern
Comment: Needs 536 yards in the final three games to break Jamie Morris' school career rushing record.

Damien Anderson, Northwestern RB
at Minnesota: 34-230, 2 TD; rec: 1-2
Season: 192-1335, 16 TD; rec: 8-38
This week: Michigan
Comment: Needs to beat Michigan to still have a shot at Pasadena.

Jonathan Beasley, Kansas State QB
at Texas A&M: 14-39-227, 1 TD, 1 int.; rush: 9-31
Season: 112-214-1957, 13 TD, 7 int.; rush: 97-334, 15 TD
This week: Iowa State
Comment: What happened to the Wildcats?

Marques Tuiasosopo, Wash. QB
at Stanford: 15-26-216, 1 TD, 2 int.; rush: 10-12
Season: 130-240-1649, 9 TD, 10 int.; rush: 96-278, 4 TD
This week: Arizona
Comment: The ugliest 7-1 team in the country.

Mike Diegnan is the editor of

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 Oklahoma's Andre Woolfolk pulls down the circus-catch on his back with one hand.
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 The Sooners even the score at 14 on this 34-yard Curtis Fagan TD catch.
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 TCU's LaDainian Tomlinson rams his way into the end zone 3 yards against Rice.
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 TCU's LaDainian Tomlinson uses the swiftness of his feet to handle Rice's defensive attack.
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 Eric Crouch runs through the Sooner defense for a 37-yard TD.
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