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Heisman Watch: And then there were two
By Mike Diegnan

No worker's comp in the Heisman race. Michael Vick's ankle injury dropped him out of the running. It's now down to Brees and Heupel. While Brees' numbers are more impressive than Heupel's, is there a team that has shocked the nation more than Oklahoma this season?

1. Josh Heupel, Oklahoma QB
at Baylor: 21-29-313, 3 TD; rush: 2-15, 1 TD
Season: 185-273-2507, 15 TD, 5 int.; rush: 43-87, 6 TD
This week: at Texas A&M
Comment: Only played one half in rout of Baylor. He now has the numbers to compete with Brees.

2. Drew Brees, Purdue QB
Last week: Off
Season: 240-401-2898, 22 TD, 8 int.; rush: 76-439, 4 TD; rec: 1-5, 1 TD
This week: at Michigan State
Comment: Two games away from a trip to Pasadena.

Chris Weinke, Florida State QB
Clemson: 27-43-521, 2 TD
Season: 220-351-3489, 25 TD, 7 int.; rush: 24-(-82), 1 TD
This week: at Wake Forest
Comment: Weinke went over the 3,000-yard mark against Clemson. If Oklahoma and Purdue stumble, he still could end up with the award.

Michael Vick, Virginia Tech QB
at Miami: 2-5-9, 1 int.; rush: 3-5
Season: 71-138-1032, 7 TD, 6 int.; rush: 99-589, 8 TD
This week: at Central Florida
Comment: It's unfortunate that we couldn't have seen a healthy Vick play against Miami.

Woody Dantzler, Clemson QB
at Florida State: 7-21-91, 2 int.; rush: 12-8
Season: 108-184-1506, 10 TD, 6 int.; rush: 153-867, 13 TD
This week: Off
Comment: Injury ended the Tigers' run to Miami and his run for 2000-1000.

Santana Moss, Miami WR
Virginia Tech: 4-154, 2 TD; rush: 1-(-4)
Season: 31-564, 3 TD; rush: 4-138, 2 TD; PR: 21-424, 3 TD
This week: Pittsburgh
Comment: Put up monster games against Florida State and Va. Tech.

LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU RB
at San Jose State: 32-155, 2 TD; rec: 1-4
Season: 268-1448, 17 TD; rec: 7-34
This week: Fresno State
Comment: Loss to San Jose State ended TCU's hopes of a BCS bowl payday and a Heisman for Tomlinson.

Damien Anderson, Northwestern RB
Michigan: 31-268, 2 TD; rec: 2-7
Season: 223-1603, 16 TD; rec: 10-45
This week: at Iowa
Comment: Still running on the Wolverines.

Anthony Thomas, Mich. RB
at Northwestern: 37-199, 3 TD; rec: 1-16
Season: 223-1320, 15 TD; rec: 10-104
This week: Penn State
Comment: Unfortunate fumble ruined a big day for the A-Train.

Eric Crouch, Nebraska QB
Kansas: 3-3-15, 1 TD; rush: 13-127, 4 TD
Season: 62-126-923, 11 TD, 6 int.; rush: 133-806, 16 TD
This week: at Kansas State
Comment: Needs to beat K-State to get much-anticipated rematch with Oklahoma.

Mike Diegnan is the editor of

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 Northwestern's Damien Anderson crashes through Michigan's defense on this 7-yard TD run.(courtesy:ABCSports)
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 Marques Tuiasosopo strings out the Arizona defense and scores on the 1-yard TD run.
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 Eric Crouch racks up his third TD of the day.
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