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Harrington Diary: Starting out right
By Joey Harrington
Special to ABC Sports Online

Each week throughout the season, Joey Harrington is writing a weekly diary for ABC Sports Online. On Saturday, Harrington and the Oregon Ducks look to extend their home-winning streak to 22 games against Utah. Last week, he scored on a QB sneak on fourth down with 4:03 remaining to lead the Ducks past No. 23 Wisconsin 31-28.

Just how we ended last year.

On the game-winning QB sneak, we had run the same play earlier in the game. It was the pass that I had thrown to Maurice Morris. We brought both backs out of the backfield. It's supposed to pull the safety and one of the linebackers out to cover him. What happened earlier was they didn't bring one of the linebackers out of the box. It left Maurice wide open, so I took the snap, picked it up and threw it to him.

Joey Harrington
Joey Harrington raises his hands in triumph after the Ducks' 31-28 win over Wisconsin.
This time, to cover it up, they brought both the safety and linebacker out of the box, which left a hole in the left side. That's the design of the play: it's really a run-pass option depending on how they cover it. I just took a little delay, took a step to the left and dived where there weren't any people.

It's a win -- a good way to start the season, but by no means was it a perfect win. There are a lot of things we need to improve on. We made mistakes and we didn't capitalize on opportunities. We need to do that stuff if we want to win later in the season.

We had some great field position. We need to do better job on first and second down to put ourselves in better position to convert on third down. We only had one third-down conversion in the second half.

I felt very good. I think I made good decisions. There were a couple of balls that I would like back, but on the whole, I felt good about my first game out.

On my fourth-quarter interception, I threw a bad ball. I knew I had to put the ball low and outside. I put it high and inside. You are not perfect. You don't throw every ball where you want to. You pick up and move on.

Wisconsin cornerback Mike Echols did an excellent job. He is one of the best corners I have ever played against. He was very impressive.

Someone who doesn't get a lot of credit for us is Ryan Schmitt. He played guard and center for us. He did a great job. Looking back at the film, he played a very consistent, strong ballgame.

I watched every second of the Oregon State-Fresno State game Sunday night. My first thought was that people did not give Fresno State enough credit. They are a very good football team. We'll see how good when they go to Wisconsin this week, because I honestly thought Wisconsin was a better team this year than last year.

Like I've said from the beginning, we don't worry about the pressure or the expectations. I don't care what anybody else says about us. We have goals. We know how to prepare for the games. We are going to do the same things we always have.

We play Utah this Saturday, a team that has a lot of talented players. We're not looking anywhere but Utah. Every week is an important week. We have one chance to play a football game each week.

Harrington's Oregon Statistics
Year G CMP ATT INT Yards TD Rushes Yards TD
2001 1 22 47 2 277 2 9 -14 1
2000 12 214 405 14 2967 22 66 124 7
1999 8 84 158 3 1180 10 24 30 4
1998 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Career 22 320 611 19 4424 34 99 140 12

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Joey Harrington Diary: The clubs are put away

Oregon gets revenge, scores win over Wisconsin

 Joey Harrington dives over the pile to score the game-winning TD (Courtesy:ABC Sports).
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 The Badgers and Ducks trade the lead six times in the second half (Courtesy:ABC Sports).
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 Nick Davis past through the Oregon secondary for an easy score (Courtesy: ABC Sports).
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 Joey Harrington hits Justin Peelle on the play-action pass for six (Courtesy: ABC Sports).
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