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Interact live during Super Bowl XXXVII

The Walt Disney Internet Group's Enhanced TV division, and ABC Sports will provide Enhanced TV coverage of Super Bowl XXXVII, Sunday, Jan. 26, in San Diego in conjunction with the live ABC Sports telecast. Kickoff is scheduled for approximately 6 p.m. ET. The pre-game show and the Enhanced TV coverage of the Big Game start at 2 p.m. ET.

ETV has produced synchronous interactive television programming for ESPN's and ABC's regular season "Sunday Night" and "Monday Night Football" telecasts for the past 4 years. The Enhanced TV Group also delivers real-time interactive programming for the NFL Wild Card Playoffs, and the Pro Bowl on ABC. Earlier this month, ETV delivered a multi-platform interactive experience for the Bowl Championship Series (Rose Bowl Game Presented by PlayStation2, Nokia Sugar Bowl, FedEx Orange Bowl, and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl) in the two-screen (PC and TV) environment, and using single screen technology in conjunction with OpenTV subsidiary Wink. ETV has built a large core audience since its inception in 1999.

A live production, Enhanced TV is the most innovative application of real-time convergence available today. ETV enables fans to access unique content via their personal computers that is synchronized, to the second, with the traditional game telecast. The content is highly interactive, uses television quality graphics, produced from a live control room and offers the user/viewer numerous customized offerings.

Enhanced TV will be available during ABC's Super Bowl pregame (2 p.m. ET) and postgame coverage as well as during the game itself.

Enhanced TV's PC-based football application main features include: "Single Game Fantasy Football," a live, interactive game enabling players to build a roster of fantasy players from the game on television and make a limited number of substitutions enabling fans to compete against friends and other viewers throughout the country during the actual telecast and win prizes; "Real-Time Stats," a continuously updated, real-time interactive database of game, player and team statistics originating from the production truck on-site at each game; and a "Push Channel" of enhanced "television quality" graphics, Interactive Polls, Real-Time trivia, Drive Charts and more, synchronized to the telecast. Pre and Post game programming will include live polling, deeper content and analysis of the match-up and a live, real-time trivia game, synchronized to the telecast.

  • Since its inception in 1999, roughly 10 million users have experienced Enhanced TV;
  • The typical user stays logged on to Enhanced TV's football product for an average of an astounding 40 minutes;
  • In 2002 over 1.2 million users participated in Enhanced TV football applications.

    On-air integration encourages viewers to log on to Enhanced TV's applications during the telecasts. PC users can access the interactive Super Bowl, during the game, through, and . For more information on ETV's current and past projects, which include, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, the Bowl Championship Series, the Academy Awards, the American Music Awards, and the Lincoln Financial Group Battle @ Bighorn, log on to ETV.GO.COM

    Enhanced TV programming is designed specifically to accompany the television broadcast and to encourage viewers to stay tuned to the TV broadcast with higher retention and for a longer period of time. It is delivered via an Internet-connected computer and is controlled by the user while watching the game simultaneously on television. It is a convergence experience bringing the TV and the PC together for a rich interactive experience, Anyone with a personal computer, connected to the Internet via 28.8 modem or better, will have access to the Enhanced TV programming applications.

    Enhanced TV content includes:

  • Single Game Fantasy Football, enables fans to build their own lineup from the respective teams during each night's game and manage these teams in real time. ETV participants will have a limited number of player substitutions in order to take advantage of game situations to earn more points. Points are awarded for scoring plays involving each users fantasy players, and fans can follow their progress on live leaderboards as they compete against thousands of other ETV players in a national competition.
  • Throughout the telecast users can play interactive trivia, including "watch-and-win" questions about the game itself and the commercials. Bonus points will be awarded for correct answers and added to overall user scores. A real-time leaderboard allows the users to track their score relative to all of the other players at any given second. Prizes are awarded to the top scorers.
  • Real-Time Stats gives users access to an interactive database of game, player and team statistics beamed directly from the television truck, giving the stats-hungry fan instant access to almost every offensive and defensive statistic, and graphical drive charts and team/player comparisons.
  • A synchronized graphics "Push Channel" display of facts, statistics, quotes, trivia, polls, user comments and more, enhancing the television broadcast.
  • Synch Units allow users to earn more points toward their overall score by answering interactive trivia questions that relate to the content of sponsor commercials. This asset also drives higher retention to the viewer at home who must pay attention to the content and brand of a commercial to correctly answer, and earn points.
  • Instant sports news and scores updates from and, two of the most popular sports sites on the Web, throughout the telecast

    About Enhanced TV
    ABC's Enhanced TV programming is delivered via an Internet-connected computer and is controlled by the user while watching the show simultaneously on television. Anyone with a personal computer, connected to the Internet via 28.8 modem or better, will have access to Enhanced TV programming applications. Access to the programming is free to all users; however, users must register in order to be eligible for prizes. ETV has produced two-screen interactive applications for the 1999 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, 2000 FedEx Orange Bowl, 2001 Super Bowl XXIV, Monday Night Football, ESPN's Sunday Night Football & Sunday Night Baseball, Lincoln Financial Group Battle @ Bighorn, Academy Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, American Music Awards, Alias, SOAPnet. ETV has also produced multi-platform and single screen interactive applications for the 2003 Bowl Championship Series, and the 2003 American Music Awards. For more information about ABC's Enhanced TV, log on to

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