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Nothing Rocky about Colorado
By Sarah Fisher
Special to ABC Sports Online

Sarah Fisher registered her second top 10 finish of the IRL season Sunday at the Radisson 200. Earlier this year, she finished second in Miami, the highest finish ever by a female driver. Throughout the IRL season Fisher will be submitting race diaries to ABC Sports Online.

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher posted her second top 10 finish of the season at Pike's Peak.

After our race at Texas Motor Speedway, I headed home for three days of rest and to work out with my trainer, Shane from Pit Fitt. We're starting to get into the busy part of the Indy Racing League season, so it was nice to have a short break before heading to Colorado.

I got to Colorado Springs on Thursday afternoon and had an autograph session at King Soopers (a Kroger company) that night. We had a really good turnout of fans, which was great to see.

On Friday, I met with my engineer, Mike Wright, and we worked out our plan of attack for the weekend. I had a nice dinner with my parents that evening and went to bed pretty early so I'd be ready for our two-day race weekend.

The next day, we worked mostly on race setup, not too much on qualifying and we had our qualifying session that afternoon. When I went out on the track for my run, the car felt really bogged down and I didn't attempt a qualifying run, just pulled back into our pits. Our crew discovered that a fuel injector was clogged and they fixed it and I went back out and was only able to do one qualifying lap, complying with IRL rules. We ended up 15th on the starting grid for the day, which wasn't bad.

We had another autograph session that evening and we had a really long line. I must have signed for two hours. My favorite part of the autograph sessions is talking to the kids that come. It's great that they are interested in the Indy Racing League and our racing.

On raceday, we had a final warm-up and then we worked on the handling of the car on full tanks and in the heat of the day. After that, I just relaxed and had lunch and got focused on the race.

Even though we started 15th on the grid, the car handled well throughout the race. We held our own and at one point, I was racing with Robbie Buhl who was in third place and I pulled away from him. The car was consistently strong during the race. Mike had gotten the car very even in all the corners of the track, which is very important to a driver.

We only had two pit stops during the race, and the time that the car really excelled on the track was the last 40 laps or so before the pit stops. There is a huge bump in Turn 1, and when you are running on full tanks, it makes it very difficult to run two-wide in that turn. When you run the fuel down, the car doesn't sit as low on the track and it also has more grip.

Firestone did an excellent job on the tires at this track as usual. The tires held up really well this weekend. We went 80 laps before each stop -- and I had never run 80 laps in an Indy car before without pitting.

Our engine company, Comptech, did an excellent job as well. We were able to get excellent fuel mileage during the race and my guys did their usual stellar job in the pits -- and we finished the race in 10th place. It was a good weekend overall.

We'll see you at the next Indy Racing League event at Richmond, Va. on June 30.

IRL driver Sarah Fisher drives the No. 15 Walker Racing/Kroger Special. She pens a diary for ABC Sports Online throughout the season.  HELP |  ADVERTISER INFO |  CONTACT US |  TOOLS |  SITE MAP
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