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I'll be racing, thanks to WeGotGear
By Sarah Fisher
Special to ABC Sports Online

Homestead will be our first race of the 2003 IndyCar season, and I'm glad to be getting back in the cockpit of my car! For a while it looked like we wouldn't be able to make the race, but with the hard work of many, many people, we will be.

We've had a sponsor step in to help make this happen called WeGotGear, and the No. 23 car name for the Homestead race will be the Dreyer and Reinbold/WeGotGear/Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone Special. You can find their high-quality outerwear merchandise for adults and kids at, so please visit and buy!

Sarah Fisher
Car: No. 23
Team: Dreyer and Reinbold/WeGotGear
Hometown: Commercial Point, Ohio
IRL starts: 32
Best start: 1st (Kentucky, 8/11/02)
Best finish: 2nd (Homestead, 4/8/01)

In the IRL IndyCar Series, all the teams have brand new chassis and engines for the 2003 season, so it's like we're all starting with a clean slate as far as any data is concerned. The Dreyer and Reinbold team was able to test at Homestead last week, and although we didn't get too many miles in compared to most of the other teams, we had a very productive session that will be a good starting point for this weekend.

I usually do well at Homestead, and in fact, I've had a podium finish there in the past, but it's not one of my favorite tracks to race on. However, it is an interesting track to run on for me because of all the engineering aspects that factor into the equation. It's not just a pure power track like Fontana or a pure handling track like Richmond; it's a combination of both.

At this track, you need a balance on the car that is between aerodynamic and mechanical, which is very tricky to figure out. A computer would tell you to take all the downforce out of the car on a track of that size -- but that doesn't work because as flat as Homestead is, you still need good grip to get you through the corners.

With the weather forecast for the weekend talking about scattered showers, the setup on the car will probably change around a bit if it rains and all our rubber is washed off the track between testing, qualifying and raceday. But that is where a good combination between aero and mechanical will help the car out no matter when you run.

During testing, I didn't get a chance to run the new car in traffic, which is a concern, but with some of the new setups we tried at the end of the day, I am much more confident in the stability going in. We shall see what happens and if you're not at the track on Sunday, I hope you're watching the race (and cheering) at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.

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