T.J. Lavin makes significant progress

T.J. Lavin continues to make progress following his crash during dirt qualifying at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. on Oct. 14.

Although Lavin remains hospitalized at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, the 33-year-old Las Vegas native is talkative, able to retrieve memories, and according to Lavin's mother Barbara, almost walking without help. "His memory is coming back with his sense of humor in tact," she added.

Fellow BMX pro Francisco "Coco" Zurita visited Lavin in the hospital earlier this week and remarked on Lavin's progress. "He is doing awesome. Talking a lot, bringing up old memories and joking around too," said Zurita, adding, "I am so stoked to see him make such a strong recovery."

Lavin, who crashed at the Dew Tour Championships on Oct. 14, suffered bleeding on the brain, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture. Lavin remained in a medically induced coma for close to a week, but has made significant progress in his recovery since emerging from the coma.

Doctors expect Lavin to make a full recovery.

Lavin rose to fame in the BMX dirt scene in the early years of the X Games. He earned a silver medal in 1996 and gold medals in 1997 and 1999. In the years since, Lavin has remained an aggressive competitor on the Dew Tour Circuit while branching out as a TV host for 10 seasons of MTV's "Real World/Road Rules Challenge." The Dew Tour Championships was to be Lavin's last contest as a professional before retiring.