Mat Hoffman to perform at Grammys

Mat Hoffman at Staples Center in L.A, just prior to a rehearsal for the 53rd Grammys alongside the Canadian alternative band Arcade Fire. Courtesy of Mat Hoffman

BMX vert legend Mat Hoffman, together with pro BMXers Dave Voelker, Mike 'Rooftop' Escamilla and X Games medalist Simon Tabron, are performing alongside Canadian alternative band Arcade Fire at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards Sunday in Los Angeles.

"Spike [Jonze] suggested me to Arcade Fire to gather up a posse and ride around them as they play at The Grammys. It's a weird life," Hoffman said Thursday. "Today, we met the band and did a run-through."

This week, Hoffman and company were rehearsing their scenes with the band. According to Hoffman, the first rehearsal didn't go quite as planned.

"I ghost-rode my bike offstage and it almost hit a camera guy and they freaked out. I almost got kicked out before we even figured out what we were going to do," he said.

Arcade Fire are up for three nominations: Album Of The Year and Best Alternative Music Album for their third studio album "The Suburbs," and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals for the song "Ready To Start."

The band hails from Montreal and records for Merge Records in the U.S.

"The band is real and cool -- it makes me want to run into something at high speed," Hoffman added. "They make some serious energy come out of their instruments."

Following the performance, Hoffman plans to have the band sign the bikes used during The Grammys, and auction them off on eBay, with all proceeds going to Mike Vincent, a Hoffman Sports Association friend and co-worker who was injured in L.A. when he was struck by a car on his bike in January 2008. Vincent suffered brain trauma in the accident, and lost his eyesight.

The 39-year-old Hoffman, who had been unable to ride BMX because of a shoulder injury following a car accident in 2007, returned to riding vert in 2010 following the release of the ESPN 30-For-30 film "The Birth of Big Air."

"The power of the project inspired me enough to overcome my shoulder injury," Hoffman said after the New York premiere of the film. In the time since the release, Hoffman has been busy with speaking engagements, guest appearances and demos, as well as the usual Hoffman recreations, such as para-gliding, skydiving and vert riding.