Nyquist designs Md. Dew Tour course

Ryan Nyquist, seen here moments after winning the BMX park comp at the Dew Tour Championships last October, worked with Alli Sports on the park course design for the 2011 Dew Tour opener in Ocean City, Md. Courtesy of Alli Sports

For the 2011 Dew Tour season, new changes are being implemented for the designs of the BMX park course, including the contributions of BMX pros such as Ryan Nyquist and Dennis Enarson on design layout. Nyquist, who won BMX park at the final stop of the 2010 Dew Tour season and has competed on the Dew Tour since its inception in 2005, will design the park course for the Dew Tour Pantech Open stop of the 2011 Dew Tour series, coming to Ocean City, Md. on July 21-24.

"Throughout the years, you get familiar with the different setups, and I just wanted to pack in all of my favorite ramps into one course, and make it so everything flowed really well. Having big ramps was really important to me. I wanted a course that you could ride with high speed, and do transfers, and offers different options. Just a really fun course where you could go big on stuff," said Nyquist earlier this week.

Working in conjunction with Dew Tour BMX Sport Organizer Dennis McCoy, Nyquist was able to design a course that will offer various transfer options and allow for the Dew Tour BMX park competitors to retain their flow through the park.

"For me, I didn't like it when there's no flow on a course," said Nyquist. "I don't like seeing everyone having to do the same run over and over because the course was limited to what you could do on there. You'll always have the odd couple of guys that can really make something out of any course, like Gary Young. And that's something I kept in mind; having different options for different people. When they're heading at one ramp, they have at least a few options of where to go instead of a race course, where everyone goes the same way."

Nyquist's course, according to McCoy, will focus more on jumping and speed than street-style obstacles. "It's definitely a jumper's course. When a course starts to go in that direction, high speed, big transitions, you want to keep that consistent through the whole course, because you want to keep your lines and you want to keep your speed," added McCoy.

According to McCoy, the Ocean City stop will allow for a bigger layout, similar to last year's Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas. The course is also not designed to be for multi-sport use, meaning that separate bike and skate areas did not need to be incorporated into the design, as it has been in year's past at the Dew Tour.

Nyquist is excited about the prospect of a new challenge for the 2011 Dew Tour season. "For being a multi-event series, there's something to be said for a course that's more difficult for riders to adapt to. I like to be able to let everybody ride to the best of their ability, but if there's something that challenges people, that is a good thing in a season long series."

Nyquist's teammate on Haro, Dennis Enarson, will design the park course for the Portland Invitational in August. "I knew that Ryan Nyquist would have a certain style of course that he'd want, similar to Vegas and then maybe Enarson would have a different, somewhat more 'street-y' style to his course," said McCoy.

The 2011 Dew Tour features multi-sport events at each of the four stops, including BMX dirt, park, and vert and skateboard street. The 2011 Dew Tour opens in Ocean City, Md. on July 21-24 at the Pantech Open, and continues with stops in Portland, Ore. and Salt Lake City, Utah before ending at the 2011 Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, Nev. in October.