Jamie Bestwick wins Dew Tour BMX Vert

Top three in BMX Vert: Chad Kagy (2nd), Jamie Bestwick (1st) and Simon Tabron (3rd). Courtesy of Alli Sports


Jamie Bestwick won the BMX Vert finals at Dew Tour on Sunday night in Ocean City, Md., scoring a 93.75 to beat Chad Kagy and Simon Tabron, who took second and third, respectively. "I want to thank the fans here in Ocean City who really made this event great," Bestwick said. "The energy was electric and it was so much fun riding for this crowd, and so exciting to witness the level of riding that the field has brought to the table. After watching the riding tonight, the road to the Dew Tour Championships is bound to be one of the best yet."

The second stop of the 2011 Dew Tour takes place in Portland, Ore., Aug. 11-14.

2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open, Ocean City, Md.: BMX Vert Finals

BMX Park

Following a rain delay, and scalding East Coast temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, Aussie rookie pro Kyle Baldock took first place at the 2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open in Ocean City, Md., followed by Haro's Dennis Enarson in second place and Dew Tour park vet Ryan Nyquist in third place. Rounding out the top five was DK's Brett Banasiewicz in fourth place and Scotty Cranmer in fifth place.

"To come here and qualify was a dream for me, so to come here and win -- I have no idea what to say right now," said 20-year-old Baldock, whose runs included the elusive double backflip.

2010 Dew Cup winner Daniel Dhers suffered several setbacks during his first run, and at the very start of his second run, stepped off his bike on a 720 down the Park step down. Dhers recovered to do a glory run for his fans at the Dew Tour, but finished tenth overall in the finals.

Full results for the BMX Park class follows.

2011 Dew Tour Pantech Open, Ocean City, Md.: BMX Park Finals