Cory Muth and Cinema Wheel Co.

Cinema Wheel Co. team rider Corey Martinez, testing out the goods in Nashville. Andrew White/Red Bull Photofiles

Cory Muth and Steve Buddendeck definitely known how to stay busy. As owners of DUO, Verde and now Cinema Wheel Co., Cory and Steve have created a family of brands spanning all walks of BMX, from grips and tires to complete bikes, and now, complete wheels. Through Cinema, Cory and Steve aim to produce quality, affordable wheels and wheel components that can withstand the demands of today's riding. The project has been in the works for a few years now, but it looks like Cinema is just about to drop. So we caught up with Muth to learn more about the lengthy process behind designing a quality wheel and the inner workings of Cinema. Read on.

Names: Cinema Wheel Co, Cory Muth and Steve Buddendeck
Age: 32 and 38
Location: Columbus, OH
Web site: www.cinemawheelco.com

There are a ton of parts brand on the market today, but not too many that focus specifically on wheels. What made you guys want to concentrate on one specific product with Cinema?
We were having a hard time finding a good, affordable wheel for our complete bikes, so we figured we would just make our own. Since we were making it ourselves, we figured we'd brand it and start something new. Between DUO and Verde, we already have a majority of other parts covered and we try not to overlap products among the three brands.

And on the back of that question, why create different brands for your products rather than focus on one name?

Creating three different brands gives us the opportunity to keep things fresh, work with different people and more riders, and also create a stronger identity for each brand.

What went into picking the team?
For Cinema, we're picking guys that predominately ride street. We put a few names on the list, made some phone calls, and that was it. Currently it's Sean Sexton, Corey Martinez, and Nathan Williams.

Wasn't Garrett Reynolds supposed to be involved?
Garrett is still a possibility. It took awhile to get the OK from one of his other sponsors and now he's testing some product. Garrett really wants to make sure he likes the product, which is cool.

Does Cinema offer separate rims, spokes and hubs, or is it just complete wheels? And is Cinema working on anything else? Freecoasters, hub guards, etc.
Our first shipment of product will have complete wheels and also rims. We'll have hubs, spokes, hardware, etc. later in the year.

What separates a Cinema wheel from other brands currently on the market?
The team really separates us. The guys are arguably the best at what they do. We also put an emphasis on our overall branding. From art direction to product design to packaging, we have a pretty unique presence. I'm pleased with how everything is going so far.

Cinema also seems very focused on product packaging. How important is creative and slick packaging to everything you guys do?
We always like to do something unique. I don't think it's that important to have great packaging in BMX, but it's definitely fun to work on new ideas. I wish shops would put more effort into their retail display for their BMX products. It would make a world of difference when it comes to the buying experience for the riders. It seems like many companies are really trying to make the cheapest parts possible, put it in a bag, and shove it in kid's faces. This is not good for the growth of our sport. On the other hand, nice packaging costs money and people have less and less of it these days, so we need to balance it out a bit.

What goes into making a good complete wheel for the discerning BMXer?
High quality materials, solid design, competent vendors.

How has the reception to Cinema been so far?
People seem into it. It's been a long time in the making and we get tons of calls and questions, so I think it should go pretty well.

What's the most important part of running Cinema?
My main goal is making products that will work well for our team guys. Corey and Nathan were just here to provide feedback and go over some new ideas. If our team guys are psyched on the product, then it will be fine for practically every rider out there.

It's harder to design a rim than you might think.

--Cory Muth/Cinema

What's something you never expected you'd learn from running Cinema?
It's harder to design a rim than you might think.

How do you juggle Cinema, Duo and Verde?
I work on everything pretty much at the same time. I just have to-do lists for each brand individually and separate them that way. I've been getting help recently from Harrison Boyce and Neal Wood. It's nice to bring different people in to keep things fresh.

Anything we didn't touch upon?
That's about it.