Enarson, Cranmer win BMX in Portland


Dennis Enarson won BMX Dirt at the Dew Tour Portland Invitational on Sunday. Enarson and Kyle Baldock battled for the win until the final run, with Enarson ultimately securing the top score. In talking about his final run, Enarson said, "I looked at the score and we were still pretty close, so I figured if I added in a couple extra tricks it would work out. And I just barely got in front of him, so that was sick."

Enarson's first run included a truckdriver down the roll in, barspin to tuck, cannonball to superman, tailwhip to long and low and a 360 suicide double truck off the last jump. Baldock, who landed his first double backflip, came in second place, and defending Dew Cup champ Brandon Dosch finished third.

2011 Dew Tour Portland Invitational: BMX Dirt, August 14

BMX Park

Jackson, N.J.'s Scotty Cranmer took the win in BMX Park at the Dew Tour Portland Invitational in Portland, Ore. Saturday night, narrowly edging out Australian Kyle Baldock in second place, and X Games 17 Gold Medalist Daniel Dhers in third place.

Cranmer's first run included classic but burly moves, such as a fufanu to icepick to tailtap atop the park course wallride, as well as a huge flip whips. In Cranmer's second run, which ultimately trumped Baldock's, he ghost rode his bike off the box jump in celebration.

Cranmer, who recently purchased a Lamborghini, had the pros in attendance talking about his high energy runs. "That Lamborghini has Scotty's cardio up," said BMX dirt competitor Anthony Napolitan.

Baldock's runs included double backflips, and new for him, frontflip flairs. Baldock's runs also featured a no-handed frontflip, frontflip over the rail and a triple tailwhip.

Dhers first run included a perfect 360 tailwhip to barspin over the subrail-ed box jump, as well as corked 720s, earning a score of 91.25. Dhers crashed on a 720 barspin in his second run.

Rounding out the top five was Portland Invitational course designer Dennis Enarson in fourth, and DK's Brett Banasiewicz in fifth.

2011 Dew Tour Portland Invitational: BMX Park, August 13