T-1 Garrett Byrnes signature SFA ($390)

T-1's latest version of the Garrett Byrnes signature SFA frame. Courtesy of Terrible One

History lesson time. Towards the end of the '90s, a young race-influenced rider by the name of Garrett Byrnes emerged from the oceanside towns of Central New Jersey. Garrett went fast, ghost rode his bike when things didn't go his way, and helped to pave the way for burly, pegless street riding. Garrett was also one of the early team additions to Terrible One. Through most of Garrett's time with T-1, he rode a Barcode, but as the brand developed, Garrett was offered a signature frame with T-1 in the mid '00s, dubbed the SFA. Now manufactured by S&M Bicycles in Southern California, the SFA has been updated, with a new batch about to drop.

"Unlike a rainstorm in Austin, the GB SFA's are getting closer and closer to being a reality," says Terrible One's Joe Rich. The latest GB SFA frame, now several incarnations later, features three top tube sizes (20.75, 21, 21.25"), a 74.5 head tube angle, 71 degree seat tube angle, 13.75-14.25" chainstays and an overall weight of 4.7 lbs. Additional features include a Spanish B/B, integrated seat clamp top and down tube T-1 gussets, removable brake mounts and guides, and colors of black, flat clear, translucent red and navy. It can handle anything, from street to trails to park to vert, just like its namesake.

Normally, BMX brands give signature frames to the riders on the team killing it, getting coverage and promoting the brand. Garrett Byrnes is far away from the spotlight, married with a child and a full-time job. He's living the good life on the Jersey Shore, far away from the daily grind of BMX. But does that negate his influence on BMX as a whole? I think not. In fact, there's a handful of people that I feel should always have a signature BMX frame, and proudly, I think Garrett belongs on that list. I can only assume by this latest version of the Garrett Byrnes frame that Terrible One feels the same way, and that is pretty cool to me.

*Other names on that privileged list include Mat Hoffman, Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Kevin Jones et al.

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