And the NORA Cup winners are ...

"Anthem 2" producer Stew Johnson (left) looks on as Mike Aitken thanks the NORA Cup crowd for picking "Anthem 2" as NORA Cup Video of the Year. Ben Ward


The winners of Ride BMX's 15th annual NORA Cup Awards were announced Thursday night at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. Winners included Marc Willers in the Race category, Dennis Enarson in the Ramp category, Chris Doyle in the Dirt Category, Garrett Reynolds in the Street Category, Moto Sasaki in the Flatland category, Dennis Enarson's Demolition "Last Chance" video section in the Video Part of the Year category, and Stew Johnson's "Anthem 2" in Video of the Year category.

"Crazy stuff, it still doesn't feel real," said NORA Cup Dirt Rider of the Year Chris Doyle, who won for the second year in a row. The other big repeat winner of the night, Garrett Reynolds, went home from Vegas with his fourth straight NORA Cup Street Rider of the Year title.

"Who wants to party?" asked Garrett after collecting his 2011 NORA Cup.

Flatlander Moto Sasaki also won his second NORA Cup in a row, throwing his drink on the crowd and ripping his shirt off on stage in celebration.

Additional highlights of the night included Stew Johnson and the cast of "Anthem 2" winning NORA Cup Video of the Year. According to those in attendance, the evening drew to an emotional close because of the win.

Alluding to the award, Johnson said, "This is pretty cool, but it doesn't compare to seeing this guy on stage with us today," pointing at Mike Aitken, who was seriously injured during the filming of "Anthem 2" just under three years ago. "He is my hero," concluded Johnson, as the crowd erupted with cheers.

Presenters for the event included '80s CW pros Ceppie Maes and Dizz Hicks for Ramps, SE Racing brand manager and dirt legend Todd Lyons for Dirt, '80s Diamond Back pro Woody Itson for flatland, Fairdale brand manager and BMX legend Taj Mihelich for Street, Mike Miranda for Race, Mat Hoffman (dressed as Aggroman) for Video Part, and Will Stroud for Video.

If you've been following our series over the past month, you might've noticed that I only picked one winner, "Anthem 2" for Video of the Year. All of my choices were picked as final nominees, but clearly, other people thought differently. I have no regrets about my choices. In fact, I still back them. I probably over thought a lot of my choices anyway, but it's been a fun series to explore and I'm happy to report that everyone who won a NORA Cup last night was a well-deserving winner.

Final results for the 15th annual NORA Cup Awards are as follows:

Racer of the Year: Marc Willers
Flatland Rider of the Year: Moto Sasaki
Ramp Rider of the Year: Dennis Enarson
Street Rider of the Year: Garrett Reynolds
Video Part of the Year: Dennis Enarson in Demolition's "Last Chance"
Video of the Year: "Anthem 2" by Stew Johnson