Hoffman Bikes Condor Reissue

"With my name on the down tube, I made it a personal commitment to be a control freak about every facet of Hoffman Bikes," says Hoffman about the Condor. Hoffman Bikes

In late 1991, Mat Hoffman and Steve Swope hit the drawing board to design Mat's own frame under the Hoffman Bikes name, the Condor. Built by frame manufacturer Linn Kastan, the frame (adorned in chrome) was not like the other frames available at the time. "I wanted a bulletproof bike, but it had to fly. There were incidents in the past where I'd broken three brand-new bikes in one day -- and was sick of that crap. I wanted top quality, which meant using American made 4130 aircraft grade chrome-moly tubing, the best money can buy," said Hoffman about the first Condor frames. A lot has changed in the past twenty years, but the Condor frame has made a return to the HB line. Introducing the Hoffman Bikes 20th anniversary Condor frame.

The Hoffman 20th anniversary Condor frame is a reissue of Mat Hoffman's first signature HB frame. According to HB, the frame features the "original cosmetic design with modern day updates." Those updates include an integrated head tube drilled for gyro tabs, ovalized top and down tube with down tube gusset, externally machined Mid B/B, integrated seat clamp, removable brake mounts and 4mm thick dropouts. The geometry of the Condor has also been updated to include a 75 degree head tube angle, 71 degree seat tube angle, 11.5" B/B height and 8.75" seat tube height. Top tube sizes include 20.25" and 21", with chainstay length that runs from 13.75" to 15.25". Overall weight for the 21" top tube frame is 5.4 lbs.

Twenty years ago, the introduction of the Condor helped to revolutionize the BMX industry. No longer were riders risking their lives for the progression of the sport. The Condor's strength and modern geometry helped to push the boundaries of what was possible on a BMX bike, and countless acts of progression were documented on the many Condor frames sold since its introduction. The return of the Condor to the Hoffman Bikes line not only pays homage to one of the greatest BMX riders of all time -- it signifies a 20-year milestone in the history of Hoffman Bikes. And for all of us that marveled at Mat Hoffman and Hoffman Bikes on the early black and white pages of Ride BMX Magazine in 1992, the revolution that the Condor helped to create lives on.

The Condor reissue is available from Empire BMX, Dan's Comp, or if you'd prefer to go the shop route, you can find your nearest HB dealer on the Hoffman Bikes website.