Operativ Watchcap ($22)

Operativ's new Watchcap is now available in a wealth of new colors. Cody York

It It took me a while to get past the 'wear a knit hat even if it's 80 degrees outside' thing this past summer, but it's BMX, and that was the current style going all July long. Of course, now that summer has passed and the days are getting colder, I can perfectly understand the need for a warm knit hat to keep you going on those cold nights, and luckily, upstart BMX clothing brand Operativ Apparel has just the solution. Enter the Watchcap.

The Operativ Watchcap is a folded cuff beanie with Operativ-designed labeling. It's construction features a stretchy knit rib for a comfortable, stylish fit, and the hat is constructed of 100% yarn knit acrylic, and made in the USA. Colors for the Operativ Watchcap include black, charcoal grey, red and light olive. It's a hat, made for the winter, and it keeps you warm when you're out riding and it's under 50 degrees.

You've probably heard this argument from me before, but there just aren't enough clothing companies coming out of the BMX world these days. Operativ is relatively new in the scheme of things, but they've got momentum, an impressive team, great designs and the right motivations to excel in the BMX spotlight. But there's more. Sometimes, when you're out riding at night in the cold, and you're stuck trying the same thing over and over, you tend to sweat. Sweating in the cold is no fun and can make you sick. Because Operativ's Watchcap is constructed of lightweight yarn knit acrylic, it keeps you warm but doesn't let you "overheat." I've been out riding in the Watchcap in 30-degree temperatures, and it's just the right amount of hat to keep you warm without letting you sweat. And that's a valuable commodity to have.

You can purchase the Watchcap straight from the Operativ online store, with worldwide shipping. And because Operativ's Josh Suhre is such a nice guy, he's offering a limited edition special here where you can enter "ESPNBMX" at checkout for 15% off all Operativ Watchcaps.