Kink Pillar Cranks ($175)

Kink's new Pillar cranks are crankslide friendly, strong enough for gaps and endorsed by team rider Tony Hamlin. Kink BMX

When I still considered myself a native of Jersey City, N.J., I would often get home from work and find Jersey City visitor Tony Hamlin's bike locked up at the bike rack near my house. At first, I joked to myself about the Chicago'd out bars, but then, on closer inspection, I noticed some new cranks with the Kink logo on them. Rather than continue to be that creepy guy looking at Tony's locked up bike, I went home and discovered that Kink was working on new cranks -- the Pillar cranks.

The Kink Pillar Cranks are Kink's first go at a crank set. Constructed of tubular chromoly with forged backplates, the Pillar Cranks are a two-piece, 48-spline design that features a 22mm hollow spindle, regular and micro-drive sprocket bolts, left-hand/right-hand drive compatibility and a lifetime warranty. The cranks weigh in at 28.5 oz., are available in black ED and come stock in a 175mm length. The forged backplates make the crank's arms stronger, and the two-piece design makes installation and the constant need to tighten loose cranks a thing of the past. "Assembly is simple, with no unnecessary confusion, leaving them to be my favorite cranks ridden so far," says Kink team rider Tony Hamlin.

Tony Hamlin and his riding say it best: "I personally have tested these cranks for over a year now without any issues. Through that course of time, they have put up with an abundance of abuse, whether it be gaps to flat or gaps to wall, they have yet to fail me," says Tony. "For crankslides, not much more needs to be said other than they're buttery and will take the abuse whether you're just learning them or slamming down on an over crankslide," he adds. If you don't take Tony's word, watch the above video. There's no better proof of a crank's strength than jumping to flat down a huge double set of stairs.

You can purchase the Kink Pillar cranks at authorized Kink BMX dealers. There's a dealer locator on the Kink site, but if it's raining and you'd rather the cranks come to you, you can also purchase via mailorder at Empire, Albe's, Staff and Dan's Comp.