Skullcandy Aviators ($149)

Skullcandy's new Aviator headphones. Skullcandy

Skullcandy has always been a big supporter of the action sports culture and the lifestyle it encompasses. They now sponsor several teams in snow, skate, ski, surf, moto and for the past four years, BMX. Managed by Eddie Buckley, the team has grown to include, Mike 'Hucker' Clark, Brandon Dosch, TJ Ellis, Drew Bezanson, Jeremiah Smith, Rob Wise, Brad Simms, Kyle Baldock and Mike Aitken. The brand continues to design innovative and stylish headphones that are great to ride in, like the new FIX In-Ear buds, or to chill in -- the Aviator over-ear headphone.

Available in black, white and brown, the Aviator is a comfy pair of over-ear headphones with platinum sound performance that feature 40mm full-range enhanced audio drivers, allowing the entire spectrum of the music's production to be expressed. In other words, they rock! Stylishly designed, the Aviator's are built with a wireframe eye glass-inspired spring hinge, which creates ideal contour shape for a comfy fit and stowability. They also feature a Luxe dual wrapped, tangle free braided nylon cable to switch tracks, control your sound and even take phone calls.

The Aviator produces a platinum aural sensory experience, like having your own personal sound studio enabling the entire spectrum of your music's production to be expressed. A provocative combination of street level swagger and modern class, the Roc Nation Aviator goes beyond delivering the highest quality sound. These headphones are perfect to travel with, whether you have a long flight ahead of you, a road trip, or you're just chilling out at your next BMX contest or race. The Aviator's foldable design allows them to collapse that into a leather road case, making these a must have for anyone out there.

he Aviator headphones and all other fine Skullcandy products can be purchased directly from the Skullcandy website.