BMX pros remember Randy Taylor

Randy Taylor, brakeless abubaca in Austin, Texas in 2010. Sandy Carson

Following the news of the death of Randy Taylor on Sunday, the worldwide BMX community reacted with shock and sadness, as well as words of praise for the 26-year-old BMX pro from Forth Worth, Texas.

"Randy was a one of a kind amazing human and it breaks my heart. He's so missed, it's insane. There will never be another Randy Taylor," said Sunday Bikes pro Aaron Ross, who formerly shared a house with Taylor in Austin.

Taylor was found dead at home on Sunday. The cause of death was not disclosed.

Taylor's Facebook wall was flooded with messages from fans of his riding, which has been featured in Mutiny videos such as "Let's Get Mystical" and "Stoked on Being Pumped," as well as in Props video magazine and the "Road Fools" series. Taylor was also heavily featured in videos from the Texas clothing brand V-Club.

"Seeing people from all around the world say nice things about Randy Taylor is awesome. It's amazing to see how many people he touched," Ross added.

Kink pro Darryl Tocco, who appeared on "Road Fools" with Taylor, remembered him as witty and sarcastic. "A random guy [trying to start a fight with us] on 'Road Fools' told us he could beat up 90% of us. Randy blankly looked at him and told him "I'm the other 10%" It was perfect."

Taylor's friends at Mutiny Bikes remained in shock. "We are beyond devastated, I have no idea how to deal with this. All I ask is that you remember Randy for all his awesome riding. Just let us, his close friends and family grieve in our own time," said Mutiny's Gaz Sanders.

Meanwhile, the third version of Taylor's signature Mutiny Bikes frame, the Loosefer, remained for sale at Empire BMX in Austin, Texas, a store Taylor frequented while visiting Austin. An order for the frame arrived yesterday afternoon from a devoted fan of Taylor.

"It's my whole pay check but it's completely worth it. The guys me hero -- this is the smallest thing I could have done," said the buyer.

Empire BMX owner Tom Williams had one word in reply to the sale. "Respect," he said.