Banasiewicz fighting congestion

Brett Banasiewicz remains in a semi-conscious state and is battling upper respiratory congestion. Tomas Zuccareno/ESPN images

Now a week since being taken off medical sedation, BMX pro Brett Banasiewicz remains in a semi-conscious state in a Virginia Beach hospital following a crash on August 23.

In addition to his traumatic brain injury, Banasiewicz, 17, is battling upper respiratory congestion and sinusitis in addition to a low grade fever brought on from a feeding tube, which has since been removed. The hospital has administered various treatments and medications to aid with his chest congestion. Doctors believe he is recovering, and no signs of pneumonia have appeared.

He remains in a semi-conscious state, and range of motion work on both sides of his body continue. Concerns about movement on his left side are now gone as he is using all four limbs fully now.

Once Banasiewicz does return to full consciousness, he may have speech issues to contend with, as his throat and vocal cords were damaged when he was intubated to be put on the ventilator. But he is expected to recover with speech therapy.

Banasiewicz crashed during practice on a 720 at the LXVI BMX Invitational presented by Vans in Virginia Beach, Va. He was placed in a medically induced coma to control bleeding and swelling on his brain, but was weaned off sedation a week ago. Banasiewicz has not been able to fully wake up since being weaned off sedation. Doctors believe the additional congestion issues have prolonged his inability to fully wake up.

Banasiewicz had won the 2012 Dew Cup in BMX Park just five days before his crash and was reportedly the favorite to win in Virginia Beach.

Trish Bare Grounds of Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Co LLC contributed to this report.