Ben Lewis Four Down session

Earlier today, Fit Bike Co. pro Ben Lewis released a new video from inside the Four Down Distribution park featuring Ben's not so typical brand of street riding, focused heavily on crankarm grinds, predator variations and a break in the middle for tea. And the over-analytical part of my brain noticed a few things.

Ben's crankarm grinds: The variety of crankarm grind being done today ranges from straight forward and teetering on the edge of the pedal, to perpendicular with the bike properly balanced over the rail. Ben is from the perpendicular camp, but instead of locking into the grind with his foot completely on top of the crank arm, he's able to balance the grind. And because of that, Ben's starting to take the crankarm grind into new grind combinations, while also popping in and out of the position with ease. (I told you this was over-analytical, but I like the way Ben does things.)

Lack of stock street tricks: Ben does one tailwhip in this video, and it's out of a crooked grind up a rail. And he does no barspins. (Guest clip of James Cox handles the barspin quotient.) While a lot of current riding relies on those tricks to end lines, Ben keeps it simple and instead focuses on his own approach. It's refreshing to say the least.

Four Down Park Sessions #2 - Ben Lewis from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.