BSD releases "Living For The City"

BSD's new series "Living for the City" premiered earlier today. BSD

Considering the amount of rainfall per month, Glasgow, Scotland is not the place you'd expect to have a thriving BMX scene. But since the '80s, the city and its surrounding areas has supported a dedicated group of rider that have left their mark on the international BMX scene, including a legendary pro/ESPN contributing photographer by the name of Sandy Carson.

Many years ago, a rider from Aberdeen, Scotland named Grant Smith moved to Glasgow. Out of a closet in his apartment, he ran a small BMX company that made sprockets and t-shirts called BSD. During the mid '00s, Smith eventually expanded into titanium crank spindles, followed by more components, and eventually frames, forks and handlebars. Along the way, he quietly amassed a team of unknown rippers throughout the U.K. and the U.S. Videos followed, momentum gained, and now, BSD is one of the few U.K. BMX brands to break through into the international BMX market.

For the past six months, with help from BSD team rider and filmmaker Dave Sowerby (who has produced several Danny Macaskill videos in the past), BSD decided to take a different approach to their latest video project. They invited the team to Glasgow, and like a Blind Melon song from the '90s, they hoped for no rain.

The result is a three-part series dubbed "Living For The City," with part one debuting today, featuring Mike Taylor, Nailz and Minnesota's own Reed Stark, who demolishes Glasgow. Actually, all three riders are amazing in part one, and the videography, courtesy of Dave Sowerby, stops at nothing. What I found really refreshing about part one is that it's not dominated by the rider's need to do lines while filming. Instead, Sowerby works with each rider to frame the shots correctly and capture just how intense the actual riding is.

BSD created a microsite to view the videos, which also features photos and extras from upcoming parts.