End of the World BMX Scenarios

Shoeless moron turns the skate influence around on the BMX industry for the end of the world. Twitter

Today, December 21, 2012, is the final day of the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar. We've come to know it as the Mayan apocalypse. Never mind that the Mayans never predicted an apocalypse, or that the Mayan calendar could potentially continue for quite some time to come. In terms of hype and conspiracy enthusiasts, we've come to expect that some type of end of the world scenario was about to happen. And people throughout the world prepared for doomsday.

We're still here. But yesterday, I posed a question to Twitter: What would be some end of the world BMX scenarios? I threw out a few silly ideas, like Edwin De La Rosa riding for Snafu, and got some good responses. Rather than bore you with a overwrought analysis on the end of the world and how the end of a calendar was misinterpreted, I compiled a few of our favorite responses here. A reminder: this is not to be taken seriously. Please don't call NASA or rig up a doomsday bunker, we're gonna be okay.

Addendum: Dennis McCoy just joined Twitter, something all of us thought would never happen. So maybe the world is ending.