Animal Bikes releases QSS 4 video

While most of us have been busy waiting for the world to end, New Jersey's Animal Bikes was hard at work on a new DVD that is also available via digital download for $2.99 on the Animal Bikes website. QSS #4 features full sections from Lino Gonzalez, Brian Wizmerski and Garret Hoogerhyde, plus riding clips from the entire Animal Bikes team, which also includes names like Edwin De La Rosa, Mike Hoder, Jared Washington and Nigel Sylvester.

Filmed and edited by Bob Scerbo, QSS #4, dubbed "They Too Crusty Wit It," clocks in at just under twenty minutes and is classic Animal Bikes. All of the full sections are amazing, and the video flows effortlessly. What really grabbed me about the latest installment was the selection of riders will full sections. Animal has a big team, probably one of the biggest in BMX. And they remain loyal to their team riders, even if they're not in the streets and posting a web video a week. Case in point: Brian Wizmerski.

Wizmerski emerged in the late '90s with big time sponsors such as Schwinn and Airwalk. He pioneered a technical brand of street and skatepark riding that to this day, is still hugely influential. Tricks such as pole jam combinations, icepicks to 180, nose bonk to smith (and vice versa) were created by Wizmerski. Eventually, Wizmerski discovered other interests outside of BMX though, and he slowly transitioned from the full-on BMX lifestyle into working a few jobs in the Philadelphia area and playing music on the side. He never fully gave up riding though, and he joined the Animal team at a time when it seemed like the remainder of his sponsors were dropping him.

And his section in the new video is great, featuring spots he sought out on his own throughout the Philadelphia area, with classic Wiz style. He may not be out in the streets everyday telling BMXers to ride Animal's parts, but there's a loyalty between Animal and Wiz that you just don't see enough of in BMX these days. And that's reflected in the video.

QSS #4 is available for purchase on the Animal Bikes website.