Ryan Capes, Johnny Greaves go big

Two of the best motorsports athletes in the world, Johnny Greaves and Ryan Capes, went to the secret San Diego compound of Supercross legend, Monster Energy's Jeremy McGrath, to make some history. Nobody has ever jumped a motorized four wheel vehicle of any kind further than TORC Off Road Truck Champion, Johnny Greaves in his Monster Energy/Toyota. Check it out here.

And Motorcycle Distance Jumper Ryan Capes Set the Dirt-to-Dirt world record on a custom-built Monster Energy/Pro Circuit dirt bike. Check it out here.

Kudos and credit belongs to the driver and rider, Johnny "Time to Sack Up" Greaves and Ryan "Need a Little Woo" Capes.

Staging and Video Production by Paul Taublieb/MXi, jumps designed and built by Jesse Olson, event coordinator by Mitch Covington and viral marketing by The Content Exchange, all on behalf of Monster Energy, for whom they all thank for their support.

For further information about Monster Energy go to www.monsterenergy.com

For further information about the TORC series, go to www.torcseries.com