Dany Torres wins X-Fighters Rome

Dany Torres took his first win of the season, where he topped Adam Jones and X-Fighters tour winner Nate Adams. Launch gallery » Red Bull

With a sold-out crowd of over 20,000 enthusiastic fans packing Rome's Stadio Flaminio, Spain's Dany Torres put down a flawless run busting at the seams with his unique style to take the win over Adam Jones in the final match up of the night at the last round of the 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Taking third place on the night and topping the overall point standings -- winning the 2010 Tour title for the second consecutive year -- was USA's Nate Adams. Proving the age-old theory that consistency pays off, Adams rode solid at every round he competed in (he wasn't in Madrid due to X Games preparation), yet he didn't win a single round of the Tour.

"To win the title again is huge," expressed an overjoyed Adams. "I would've never thought I could miss a round and not win an event and still win the title. It's my dream to be more of a flashy and flamboyant rider and win more events, but I'll be the consistent guy if I have to," he finished.

2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Rome

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Dany Torres brought his A-game to the Stadio Flaminio and won the battle in Rome, and Nate Adams stayed consistent throughout the year winning the World Tour war. Gallery »

Coming into Rome, only five points separated Norway's Andre Villa and Adams -- with Villa in the lead -- making for a cutthroat competition where absolutely no mistakes would be tolerated by the judges. In the semifinals, going up against Jones, Villa ended giving up the Tour title after making mistakes on his last two tricks, where as Adams stayed consistent throughout the night, ultimately nudging the Norwegian rider off his throne.

An obviously bothered Villa told the commentator, "I'm disappointed because I wanted to win the title, but I can't be greedy, I got second overall so I'm stoked. It's a big progress from last year." He then explained, "I just stumbled on my last two jumps and that was enough to give the title to Nate. I'm not injured, I have great family that supports me -- I can't be sad, can I?"

Second place finisher of the night, Jones -- who won the second round in Giza, Egypt -- rode extremely well, but after making a mistake on the last trick of his final run against Torres, had to settle for a second place finish behind the Spaniard. "Dany didn't make a single mistake. I messed up in the final round. He deserved the victory here tonight," said Jones.

The 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour took the 12 best freestyle motocross riders on the planet to spectacular locations across three continents, where they battled in front of a total of 169,000 fans worldwide. Throughout the year, they competed in the huge bullfighting arena in Mexico City, in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza, on Moscow's Red Square, in Madrid's bullfighting ring, in front of the Battersea Power Station in London, and at the season finale in Rome's Stadio Flaminio.

2010 Red Bull X-Fighters: Rome, Italy

2010 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour: Final Standings