Fighting Faisst

For as long as Metal Mulisha's Ronnie Faisst has been competing, he's been referred to as "Kung Fu Faisst," yet he had never revealed his martial art fighting skills to the masses ... until this past Saturday at Ellismania 6. The brainchild of professional skateboarder, boxer, and Sirius talk show host Jason Ellis, Ellismania is a light-hearted battle royale, which pairs up famous personalities giving them the opportunity to get their fight on in a safe and fun environment. Notable participants in the past include radio personality Riky Rachtman, Good Charlotte's Benji Madden and MMA fighter and host of MTV's "Bully Beatdown," Mayhem Miller just to name a few.

Taking place at the Hollywood Paladium, the sixth installment of Ellismania saw Faisst go up against Animal Planet's Donald Schultz, who is considered a world-renowned venom expert, writer, photographer and adventurer. Getting the official confirmation from Ellis only two days before the event, Faisst scrambled to properly train for the fight, and his hard work paid off as he won by way of a TKO in the third round.

First off, congrats on your round three TKO against Donald Schultz at Ellismania 6. How did the fight come about? It was a pretty last minute deal right?
Thanks. Yeah, Ellis called on Wednesday and the fight was on Saturday. Basically I told him that I would fight like two months ago. I was like, "Hey, if anyone wants to fight, find somebody my weight and I'll do it." He was like, "What do you weigh?" And I told him I weigh 170, but I guess he couldn't find anyone that weighed 170. So, I didn't train because I didn't think I had anyone to fight.

So the fight's on Saturday and he hits me up on Wednesday and he's like, "Roll out anyway to come support." I asked, "You didn't find anyone for me to fight?" Then he told me that there was actually one fight open, but the guy weighed 180 and was 6 feet tall -- and I get there and he weighs 190 and is 6' 3" [laughs]. Anyway, he told me who it was and so I Googled him and I couldn't really find anything saying he had a background in fighting and training, so I agreed to the fight.

When I got the confirmation on Wednesday from Ellis saying, "Yo, it's on," I hit up [Erik] Apple and told him that I had to fight in two days. I went down to LA Boxing and worked out with him, worked out with Benji Radach who fights for Metal Mulisha, and this little Thai kick boxer dude. So I had three really good dudes helping me for the two days that I had to train. I told myself, "Alright, I'm just going to do exactly everything these guys told me to, and I'm just going to rely on what I've learned in my past." Two days isn't a lot to train, but I think I did pretty good considering. I got a little tired, but I was more in shape then some guy that just came off the couch because I work out regularly.

Yeah, I was going to ask you. I know that you hit the gym regularly to stay in shape for FMX, but have you been keeping up on your fighting and martial arts skills?
It's funny you ask that. I've never even really boxed before, I've only had training in karate growing up as a kid. I mean I've boxed with friends for fun, but I've never boxed in a real boxing match or nothing like that. But I just started training in an Okinawa dojo like two weeks ago, so that's the only type of training I've been doing. But in karate you don't do so much fighting -- you do more Kata than anything. Kata's like a form where you practice your blocks and strikes, but you're not actually physically fighting someone. So I've been doing that, but as far as training to fight, I haven't been doing that -- I just crammed everything into two days.

Can you walk us through the how the three rounds went down?

Yeah. The first round I didn't know what to expect from him so I came out just trying to figure out what his fighting style was. I knew he was either going to box or try to street fight me. So I came out and started throwing jabs at him, and I began to think, "Okay, maybe he doesn't know how to fight." Then I hit him with a one, two, bam and he just got mad and charged me and started wind milling on me, so I just covered up. So the first round was kind of like a feel-out round, but then I knew by the end of the first round that he didn't know how to box and was just going to want to spaz on me all the time, so I just had to make sure he didn't connect with one of them hay makers [laughs].

On the second round, I knocked him down and then he took a standing eight-count too. Then I started working his body more in the second round. I would work his body a little bit, get him to drop his hands, and then go back up top. I knocked him down with a left hook and I think it just kind of blew the wind out of him. He didn't really get me good until the third round -- he caught me with a straight right, which I kind of walked into.

And then by the third round, I could tell he was getting tired and I began to think, "I got this guy." Like my confidence was building and I knew his was dropping, and I knew I was in better shape than him and knew I was a better fighter. I was like, "I'm just going to put him away in the third." I came out and did the same thing -- working the body again -- and I came out with a right hook to the body and that was it -- he bowed out after that. And just as he was falling down I cracked him with another right and it was over. I ended up winning with a TKO.

How was the pressure going in? Was this the first time you've really fought in front of people?
Well, it was the first time since I was a little kid, because I used to compete in the karate tournaments, but man I haven't fought or got in a fight in I don't even know how long. Actually, it was a couple years ago -- [Todd] Potter will tell you the story. Some dude got crazy road rage on us so we just pulled over and whooped on him [laughs]. But that's the last time I got in a fight. I don't ever get in fights, I'm just chill. Ellismania was really the first time where I was like, "Okay, this is for real. I really gotta punch this dude hard."

If Ellis gave you the opportunity to fight again and let you go up against anyone you wanted, who would you pick?
I don't know dude. I don't know because I get along with everybody, so it's not like I don't like anyone -- like, "Oh, I want to beat that dude up."

Okay, just for the fun of it -- what if you had to pick an FMX rider to fight at the next Ellismania? Who would it be?
Uh ... who would it be fun to fight with? I'd like to beat up Twitch [laughs]. No, I actually hit up Nate [Adams] to do Ellismania, but he didn't want to do it. Because I actually thought Nate would be good because he's a pretty tough dude and into boxing. He takes boxing classes down at a place here in Temecula. So I hit Nate up and I'm like, "You want to fight me at Ellismania?" He told me, "Hell no I ain't fighting you." I told him it was just for fun, but he wasn't down with it. Uh ... [Mike] Mason's too much of a wuss, and Twitch isn't really a scrapper ...

What about Potter?
That would be funny. Actually I wouldn't mind ... naw I can't, I'd feel bad dude. Yeah, I'd feel bad beating Potter up, but out of all the guys he probably deserves a nice, humble butt kicking the most [laughs].