The Manley Show

Who is Beau Manley and why does he have his own web series on ESPN.com/Action? As a self-proclaimed genius, scientist, artist, athlete, comedian and actor, not only is this ex-FMX rider/racer a jack of all trades, but he is also one of the most entertaining personalities in motocross.

Beau has been in numerous popular ESPN.com/Action videos, so we decided to give him his own show. This is the first of 12 episodes, so get ready for major, major Manley coming your way.

"The Manley Show is just yours truly, blessing you with beauty everyday," says Beau. "It'll be interviews with athletes, giving freestylers and racers alike the chance to showcase their personalities." Believe it or not, there aren't many outlets for riders to really show who they are off the bike and away from the track. Manly continues, "I want to allow individuals to be individuals -- to be themselves and let people know who they really are. I don't think they get that opportunity very often on the podium with their goggles wrapped around their neck, thanking Bridgestone for their tires."

With regular, off-the-wall statements like "You're rocking with Beau Manley, AKA The Best, AKA the new David Beckham," you can rest assured that you'll develop an undying fondness for Beau Manley ... or you'll just end up dumbfounded by his adolescent antics.