Gear: One Industries Remedy jacket

The One Industries Remedy windbreaker shown in Dusty (left) and Black. No cute colors found here ... One Industries

ESPN Action Sports is worldwide, and though motocross is as well, the majority of the industry remains in Southern California. Why you ask? Well, it's called non-stop sun and consistently mild temperatures with a seasonal average hovering around 70 degrees. Needless to say, wintertime in SoCal does NOT consist of snowstorms, which dump multiple feet of snow in one single pass. With that being said, wintertime attire in SoCal varies drastically from the rest of the globe.

One Industries has been stepping up their game in a major way when it comes to putting out casual attire, which rivals that of the most stylish streetwear brands. And their Remedy windbreaker is a prefect example. With it's water-resistant shell, free of a thick inner liner, the Remedy is just the right amount of jacket for the mostly mild SoCal winter days, but isn't quite up to snuff for you Northwest, Midwest, and Northeastern heads.

With front patch pockets, and chest welt pockets with snap closure, the Remedy has plenty of room for your phone, wallet and other goodies, but remains simple enough to keep that fitted feel. Up top, the hood is stylish and big enough to allow you to rock a stylish beanie underneath, and just looks plain cool. (refer to photo of Nate Adams directly below)

The Remedy rules because Nate Adams, and the entire One Industries team for that matter, can be seen rocking it when things get a bit too nippy for the standard hoodie. When it comes to colorsways, the Remedy comes in a thuggish camo pattern (Dusty), as well as black, which is another reason why it rules. No bright, happy colors allowed -- the Remedy is straight gangsta.

The Remedy flaunts a retail price of $95 and can be purchased directly through One Industries' online store, or at any retailer that's cool enough to officially slang One Industries product.