DC Shoes Unilite Trainer

DC Shoes' Unilite Trainer shoes come in a variety of colors and are priced at $85. DC Shoes

Since action sports began rising more rapidly in popularity around the world, shoe company giant DC Shoes has ruled the streets. DC Shoe Co. has been around since 1994 and has been developing state-of-the-art shoes for all action sports enthusiasts relying on its athletes' opinions and expertise to help get them there.

Keeping up with and staying one step ahead of the competition [no pun intended] has always been crucial with DC Shoes, and that is why the addition of the Unilite Trainer shoe, a true athletic shoe, proves once again why DC Shoe Co. is a giant on the streets. The elite DC Shoes FMX team relies on Robbie Maddison, Nate Adams, Travis Pastrana and Andre Villa to represent its core innovative ideals.

Because going to the gym in your skate shoes to get in a good workout is a thing of the past [unless, of course that is your style] the new Unilite Trainer shoe embodies everything a true athletic cross-trainer shoe should be.

Made by an authentic action sports shoe company, the shoe has the stylish, sleek, functioning appeal needed to be approved by the ever-so-critical and cool-guy standards that have founded action sports. It's lightweight, comfortable and most of all breathable for those intense workouts.

The $85 shoe features a molded ortholite insole and EVA strobel board for exceptional step and comfort. It also has a seamless design for ultimate flexibility, built-in inner sock for those who prefer not to wear one and vented mesh for breathability. Down the underside it has faceted midsoles, embedded arches, strategically placed rubber grip designed for ultimate comfort and durability. Put simply this shoe rocks and has 100 percent functioning capabilities of a conventional cross-trainer shoe.

The Unilite Trainer shoe is the ultimate action sports trainer shoe out there on the market. With health and fitness becoming so popular in North America amongst everyone – sports- and nonsports-wise -- it proves once again why DC is staying one step ahead of the competition.

And let's face it, action sports has been founded on the principles of being cool or different, independent. So from the time of its inception, wearing shoes that look cool but have no support ruled the streets. This shoe rules because it delivers the most ankle support while maintaining the cool-looking factor.

The Unilite Trainer shoe -- and the entire DC Shoe line for that matter -- is making its way into the shoe market worldwide. Chances are your local skate shop or sporting goods store has them in stock or you can always find them by shopping online or at dcshoes.com. For you Trey Canard and Travis Pastrana fans, they have their own signature shoe as well as standard colors in black, white, red and blue.