Dungey races to 7th straight victory

Ryan Dungey continued his dominance in the 450 Class in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, capturing his seventh consecutive win. Carl Stone/MX Sports

SOUTHWICK, Mass. -- Ryan Dungey raced to his seventh straight AMA Pro Motocross victory Saturday, winning the first 450 Class moto and surviving a pit stop to finish second in the second.

The Red Bull KTM rider from Belle Plaine, Minn., had an 85-point lead over Mike Alessi, the Suzuki rider from Victorville, Calif., who was second and sixth in the motos to finish second overall.

In the 250 Class, Kawasaki's Blake Baggett of Grand Terrace, Calif., raced to his fourth victory of the summer, extending his lead in the championship. He was third in the first moto and won the second.

Honda's Ashley Fiolek of St. Augustine, Fla., raced to her third consecutive victory in the Women's Motocross Championship, sweeping the motos.

In the first 450 Class moto, Alessi grabbed the holeshot, while Dungey quickly worked his way forward from a third-place start. The points leader paced his main championship rival for five laps before making a pass for the lead and pulling away for the win.

In Moto 2, Dungey once again found himself slotted behind Alessi, who captured the holeshot. This time, Dungey wasted no time taking over the top spot, crossing the line at the front of the field at the conclusion of the opening lap. After opening up a lead, Dungey tipped over on the sixth lap, losing the lead to Alessi.

Two laps later, Dungey passed Alessi again and eventually extended his advantage to more than 10 seconds. Over the course of those laps, Dungey's team became aware that fuel had spilled from his gas tank in the fall and decided Dungey needed to pull into the mechanic's area to replenish the tank.

On the 13th, Dungey pulled off the track to receive fuel, holding a 13-second advantage. After a quick exchange, he was back running, but had fallen to second behind Kawasaki's Tyla Rattray, who passed Alessi a one lap earlier. Dungey stayed close to Rattray for the final four laps, but was unable to pass the South Afrian for the moto win.

"I got a little bit of a lead and felt like I was in a groove," Dungey said. "Coming to the finish, my rear stepped to the right, hooked the jump, and made me cross rut. I tried to save it, but it took me right down. When I fell, I think I kicked the gas cap off. I got back into the lead, but I kept worrying if I had enough left.

"The TV footage allowed our guys to see what happened, which helped them decide to bring me in, which worked out because I wouldn't have made another lap. I tried to catch (Rattray), but he's a great sand rider. I'm bummed I made a mistake, but given the situation, things couldn't have worked out better."

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