Training day with Thomas Pagès

Thomas Pagès practices his trademark "special flip" to use in his next competition. Ricky Monti

In 2005, two young motocross rider brothers from Nantes moved to Hossegor, France.

Hossegor is one of the most famous surf spots in Europe, but Charles and Thomas Pagès didn't go there to surf the waves of the ocean but to work on their passion for freestyle motocross.

Hossegor was also the home of Manu Troux, their FMX idol, and for him they moved there.

Troux was definitely the most famous French freestyle motocross rider of his time and one of the first European riders in the FMX scene.

When Troux finished his professional FMX career his manager, Sebastien Billault, began to follow the Pagès brothers.

In 2008 the Pagès brothers participated in the Red Bull X-Fighters as they joined the ranks of the top riders in the world. After a two-year break, Tom Pagès returned to compete in the Red Bull X-Fighters and finished second overall in the world tour.

We recently spent a full day with Tom in Hossegor, so browse through the photo gallery to see what his day is like from breakfast to training in the FMX park and afterward when he relaxes and has fun.