Parsons freerides in Reche Canyon

Reche Canyon Ride (2:39)

Doug Parsons rides Reche Canyon, Calif., after the first rain of the season. (2:39)

Taking a break from writing articles for XGames.com to pay the bills, Doug Parsons is getting back to his roots. Growing up in Reche Canyon, Calif., and riding with historic motocross forefathers such as Jeremy Albrecht, Jeff Emig, Buddy Antunez, Dana Wiggins and many others, riding in the hills is who he is.

Before there was freestyle motocross there was filming in the hills that was the beginning of what we now know to be FMX. Though now the stage is filled with stadium floors, man-made landings and metal ramps compared with the green rolling hills and wet chocolate cake dirt that used to grace so many of our TV screens in the late 1990s.

Looking forward to getting back on track from a short hiatus, Parsons is anticipating the best freeriding winter since the days of knocking on the Albrechts' garage door to go riding after a good rain. Believing if there is a will there is a way, he hopes to change the way the motocross industry views and accepts freeriding as a legitimate part of the industry.

"I come out here and shovel every day till it's dry because I believe if I build it, good will come." Parsons says. "Maybe you can't get paid to solely be a freerider yet, but when that day does come people will talk about what I did for the sport for years to come."