Brown, Allan nab victory in Australia

The winners of Australia's biggest ski event, the One Hit Wonder Down Under, were determined yesterday after fans voted online to select skier Bobby Brown and snowboarder Clint Allan as their favorites.

The competition -- which featured 16 skiers and snowboarders from around the world performing their best one-hit tricks on a 90-foot step-over feature in front of the camera -- ended three weeks ago. Since then, over 3,000 people have voted online to select the most progressive tricks.

Brown showed off the switch double misty 1260 that won him X Games gold last winter to claim the skier's people's choice award. "I'm so stoked to have won The Toyota One Hit Wonder," Brown said. "Coming out to Australia and competing in this event was an amazing experience. I loved the competition format and the jump was mind blowing."

Allan, a snowboarder from the South Coast of Australia, won the public vote with a backside double corked 1080 on the first day of jumping. A few jumps later, he landed short and broke both of his ankles on impact. "It almost makes breaking both my legs worthwhile ... Almost," Allan said afterward. "I'll probably spend the money on a bit of rehab so I can get back on a board as soon as possible. I can't wait to start jumping again."

The weather was a slight hurdle during the event, but event organizer Tim Myers is pleased with how it all turned out. "We held our breath numerous times this year as the athletes threw caution to the wind, literally, as strong gusts throughout the week threatened the possibility of anyone hitting such a huge jump," said Myers, "but these guys are truly calculating when flying through 100-plus-foot of air space. The strength of the athletes, along with the open-minds at Toyota made it hugely successful."