Inbounds avalanche at Fernie

Normally, this is what your day at Fernie will look like. Henry Georgi

On Saturday afternoon around 1 p.m., seven people were caught in an inbounds avalanche at BC's Fernie Alpine Resort, but none were buried. One skier suffered a leg injury, but otherwise no major injuries were reported.

The slab occurred in Fernie's expert-only Currie Bowl. "The avalanche was triggered by skiers and was reported to be approximately 30 meters wide and one meter deep," Fernie's general manager Andy Cohen said in a release.

The seven skiers who were reported in the area were carried nearly 1,000 feet by the slide. Rescue crews thoroughly searched the area after the avalanche, with help from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a helicopter, and avalanche rescue dogs, but no other individuals were found.

"All other people and articles have been accounted for and taken to the base," Cohen said.

Prior to the slide, the Canadian Avalanche Center had issued a high warning danger for avalanche risk in the area.

This is the first major inbounds avalanche in Canada this winter season. In December, a ski patroller at Colorado's Wolf Creek Ski Area was killed during early-hours patrol work.