Kenworthy, Logan win NZ Winter Games

Devin Logan and Gus Kenworthy have won two contests in two days at the NZ Winter Games. Robin Macdonald

The slopestyle finals at the New Zealand Winter Games went off Thursday with both Gus Kenworthy and Devin Logan earning their second win in two days at Cardrona ski field. For the women, Logan scored a 79.75 to grab first place, while Canadians Kim Lamarre and Dara Howell broke the all-American podium seen in women's pipe on Wednesday to earn second and third, respectively. "I could not be more excited about this win, this is exactly where I wanted to be today," said Logan.

In the men's field, Kenworthy's massive run consisted of a 450 onto the down rail to switch, switch 270 onto the cannon rail misty 630 out, left double cork 12 mute, switch right cork 10 tail, switch 540 up onto the butter pad and rodeo 540 Japan out giving him a 87.75. "I tried to use the momentum from yesterday's event and really come into today's slopestyle as eager as possible," Kenworthy said. "Training went well this morning and the weather was great so everything was in place for me to do what I needed to do."

Jossi Wells took the number two spot once again with a very clean and stylish run scoring an impressive 83.00. Nick Goepper came in third with an 81. His both way double cork 10s may have been the most technical jump line of the day.

The superpipe finals took place Wednesday after weather delays caused by a massive storm that brought snowfall to the country's biggest city, Auckland, for the first time in 80 years. Marred by heavy fog, wind and a less-than-perfect pipe, the athletes did their best to wow the judges.

Men's qualifiers closed with Taylor Seaton in the lead and Kenworthy in the second spot, followed by David Wise in third. The scheduled time for finals was pushed back in hopes of a clear window amongst fog and wind. Organizers were debating whether or not to continue the event or use the qualifying results as the final scores. A few hours later, the weather made it possible for the final competition to commence.

Kenworthy's run, which consisted of a left 9, right 7, switch 7, alley-oop flatspin 5 and a 1080, scored him 85 points and brought him into first place, winning the event. Jossi Wells, who qualified in 8th, pulled ahead in the finals, with an impressive run that scored him a 78.25 and brought him into second place. Third place went to Wise with a 75.25, for a high-amplitude run that kept him in his qualifying position.

"The weather sucked, but we all had to compete in it," Kenworthy said. "There were a lot of good runs, and I'm stoked to have come out on top."

When it came to the women, it was all U.S.A. Logan came first with a big Japan grabbed straight air, left 540, right-side flair, back-to-back straight airs and finished her run off with a 720. Jen Hudak, who qualified first, was bumped down to second place by Logan. Hudak pulled out an impressive run that started with a huge 540 and ended with a clean 720. Third place went to Maddie Bowman who saw her first major podium in the world of freeskiing.

Men's Final Results: 2011 NZ Winter Games, Slopestyle

Women's Final Results: 2011 NZ Winter Games, Slopestyle

Men's Final Results: 2011 NZ Winter Games, Superpipe

Women's Final Results: 2011 NZ Winter Games, Superpipe