Meet The Kids

Do you ever wonder what Sean Pettit is up to? I know I do. The 19-year-old Whistler wunderkind along with a host of his freeskiing friends -- including Justin Dorey, Matt Margetts, Riley Leboe, Mike Henitiuk, Ian Cosco, TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby, Rory Bushfield, and Joe Schuster -- are inviting us all to look behind the scenes of their lives of extreme leisure with a new video project called "The Kids." They plan to feature regular video updates on Thekidsconcept.com throughout the upcoming winter from Pettit and nine of his Canadian contemporaries. The video above is the first trailer for the project, which is being debuted at this weekend's International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal and featured exclusively online here at ESPN Freeskiing. We caught up with Pettit for the scoop on his new project.

Hey, Sean. What's the scoop on this new project?
It's basically just an idea that a bunch of my friends and I have been kicking around for a long time. The project is about good times with good friends and not taking ourselves too seriously and then also at the same time capturing some amazing skiing in some excellent places. We're out there enjoying our youths with a vengeance and we want to share that with our fans. I guess that's why we called it The Kids — we want to keep it young and fresh. And it was a way to remind TJ, Bibby, and Rory that they're like 57 years old.

Where did the idea come from?
We started thinking about this when everyone started working with different sponsors, schedules, and film companies. Even though most of us grew up skiing together, we haven't skied together much for the past several years. The guys on the contest side are competing every weekend, and guys like Rory and I are on the road 24-7. So we thought we'd make a commitment to each other to meet up some this season. It's a good outlet for us to have some fun skiing, keep it lighthearted, and be creative.

What's going in the videos?
We are planning some big trips. And we have one big shoot under our belts that showed us we could make some things happen. We think it's going to be a good balance between some lifestyle videos and some bigger production trips.

Why not make a full movie?
Making a full-length movie with all of us would be awesome. And it could happen. But for now we don't want to rush into any huge projects. We just want to have fun with it and see where we end up. We wanted to do a content-based website to keep the stress level low and have a really quick turnaround time on what we release. This way we have full creative control of our project. We won't have big sponsor dollars dictating what shots make the cut and what dudes get the biggest segments. We don't know where it will take us down the road but we feel this is a good starting point. Who knows?