Lange XT 130

A new Lange freeride boot that can handle uphill and down. Courtesy of Lange

AT boots do not have to ski like slippers. Lange is making sure that doesn't happen with their new XT 130, which is debuting at next week's Snowsports Industries America tradeshow in Denver, Colo. The boot is a direct descendant of the popular Lange RX and RS line -- only it's built to climb.


The Lange XT 130 is a no-compromise high performance ski boot with a walk mode. It features a 130 flex and comes with two last options (97 millimeters and 100 millimeters). Note that the XT line will also feature softer flexing models in a variety of widths. The XT 130 has a patented Power V-Lock shell, which gives it a wide range of motion, but when locked fully, it integrates into the lower shell. It also comes with an ultra grip toe, heel, and arch, as well as a lightweight lace-up liner and lightweight buckles.

"All current AT boots make compromises to downhill performance, most notably in the lower shell and cuff," says Nick Castagnoli, Lange PR manager. However, the XT 130 features an insert directly in back of the lower shell, which articulates backwards in hike mode and locks into the lower shell forward and laterally in ski mode. This technology eliminates the void in the lower shell often found in current AT and sidecountry boots. The XT 130 also comes with a burly freeride 130 flex and can accommodate a narrow or wide foot with the two different last options. Only negative: The boot doesn't have Dynafit compatibility. But, explains Castagnoli, "The Lange consumer really isn't the five-hour-long trekking type, but more the short sidecountry trek and lots of laps."

The Lange XT 130 is already starting to pop up on pro athletes, so check with your local Lange dealer to see when the boot will show up in a store near you.