Freeride World Tour wraps in Verbier

All eyes were on the Bec Des Rosses in Verbier, Switzerland this weekend, as the final installment of the Swatch Freeride World Tour went down on a sun drenched morning in front of thousands of eager spectators.

The revered face claimed its fair share of victims with a combination of nerves and terrain taking down a good number of skiers and snowboarders in the field. For those who did make it down in one piece, the chance to take the Freeride World Tour champion was on the line.

"We all knew it would be sketchy after the recent snowfall, but it turned into a case of just staying on your feet," said Sweden's Reine Barkered, who took home the event win and the FWT champion crown in the men's skiing division. "I hadn't been as nervous as this before a competition in many years."

Joining Barkered on the podium was Frenchman Aurélien Ducroz and a Argentinian Nicolas Salencon in third. "I almost didn't make the competition -- yesterday I couldn't move I was so ill," said a completely overwhelmed Salencon.

Men's snowboarding came down to a two horse race between American Ralph Backstrom and Frenchman Jonathan Charlet, who were tied in FWT points coming into this final event. But it was Charlet whose run came together today. "I was really nervous at the top," said Charlet, "but then a good feeling came into me and I felt I could ride easy to the finish." This was Charlet's third attempt to take the FWT crown here in Verbier. Second place was awarded to Austrian Flo Orley with fellow Austrian Max Zipser in third.

All eyes were on Angel Collinson and Eva Walkner as we went into the final round of women's skiing, but it was Sweden's Christine Hargin who came out to beat them both, taking the win and the champion title. Austrian Walkner came in second place with America's Angel Collinson in third.

American Maria De Bari also won both the event and world champion title together in women's snowboarding. She was joined by the rookie of the year, Margot Rozies from France, with New Zealand's Maria Kuzma in third.

2012 Freeride World Tour Verbier: Men's Ski results

2012 Freeride World Tour Verbier: Men's Snowboard results

2012 Freeride World Tour Verbier: Women's Ski results

2012 Freeride World Tour Verbier: Women's Snowboard results