In the Dream Factory

TGR’s “The Dream Factory” (3:36)

The new film from Teton Gravity Research, “The Dream Factory,” shot mainly in Alaska (3:36)

Teton Gravity Research dropped the trailer for their newest feature film, "The Dream Factory," on Wednesday. The film will be premiering this fall and screened at theaters around the country. Here's what's unique about this year's movie: The film, including solid urban segments, was shot predominantly in the great state of Alaska.

For the most part, only segments of ski movies have been filmed in Alaska historically, for reasons including costs, logistics, and weather. It'd be disingenuous to claim that TGR set out to shoot "The Dream Factory" in Alaska to prove that filming nearly an entire movie there could be done. In actuality, when the snow began to stack up (or not stack up) last November and December, months of planning had to be thrown out the window, and the decision was made to push all of the chips into the same pot, and go where the snow was flying, in record amounts: Alaska.

The end result? Not just a story about why Alaska is "The Dream Factory," but how it became that. "This particular film is probably one of the more in-depth and sophisticated story concepts [we've ever had]," says TGR co-founder Todd Jones. "In one sense it's a much more challenging edit process than normal, but it also has a clear goal, focus and outline, so in other ways it's a lot more directed than normal -- than just taking a huge smattering of footage and trying to piece it together in some creative way."