Sherpas Cinemas' "Into The Mind"

Due for a fall 2013 debut, Sherpas Cinema released the trailer for their two-year project "Into the Mind" on Tuesday. The film examines risk taking and decision making in the mountains, chronicling the psychological process of some of the world's best skiers and snowboarders.

"It's meant to be an exploratory epic into the depths of human potential, with the lines blurred between dream state and reality," says Sherpas co-director Eric Crosland.

In the action sports world, others have attempted to answer the question, "What goes through athletes' minds before they drop in?" but few have tackled the subject through film. "This is the kind of topic that might be difficult to articulate with words," says Crosland. "But film gives you so much potential with a visual exploration."

Sherpas is a British Columbia-based film company that last released "All.I.Can," which won Best Film at the 2012 Powder Video Awards. The Sherpas crew recently traveled to Bolivia with Callum Pettit, Kye Petersen and others to film for the new movie.

With broadened topic horizons and new athletes, like ski mountaineer Kris Erickson and snowboarder DCP (David Porcheron) participating in the project, the Sherpas hope to invite an expanding audience. "We keep signing ourselves up for these ridiculous challenges," says Crosland. "And this project in particular keeps becoming more powerful."

Another teaser for "Into the Mind" will be released next summer.