En Route: BC

En Route: British Columbia (20:12)

Nimbus Independent goes backcountry snowmobiling in BC. (20:12)

British Columbia

Traveling north on I-5 for 20-plus long hours into the heart of Whistler, BC, has become a staple for my film career. The extra hours of daylight you see in March, plus the deep snow and epic terrain, have been captivating enough to keep me coming back year after year.

The backcountry in BC truly does allow for more accessible snowmobile terrain than any other place I've had the pleasure of skiing. You can easily venture deeper and deeper into the mountains, far beyond what your fuel will allow. Not to mention the bonus of BC's terrain being very conducive for our 'Nimbus' style of skiing.

This particular webisode was my first trip back since my broken collarbone in Japan. The doctor gave me clearance at 80 percent, which was slightly disheartening, considering I planned the trip based on the belief that I'd be all good and healed. Of course that didn't stop me from joining the crew, consisting of Andy Mahre, Eric Pollard, and myself.

All in all, we ended up scoring great snow conditions. Storm after storm piled up, allowing us to have some epic days out filming, from storm days in the trees to sunny sessions in the high alpine. The crew really brought their A-game and put together a solid webisode. Best of all, everyone made it to the end of the trip still in one piece. Hope you enjoy it.